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June 25, 2009



The best way to relate the beauty of your handmade work to an online shopper is through a great photo. We've all struggled with feature worthy photos. Go ahead and look at your favorite sellers very first sold items, you'll probably see how their photography progressed in their time on Etsy! For this newsletter, I wanted to share tips and examples of great photos with you. If you're looking for more indepth articles, a good place to start is the Photography section of the Seller's Handbook.

Put Your Friends and Family to Work!

Thrush | beantownhandmade | knittles

Nothing will sell a piece of clothing or an accessory faster than a photo with nice lighting and a model. Real models bring your products to life and allow us to imagine your work on. Notice how these three examples use models in natural light with very plain backgrouds, display the items perfectly! So put those friend, pups and babies to work! For tips on working with models, check out Photogenic Collaborations with rubypearl.



Have Depth!

. . .

BellaBeadsOriginals | madeinlowell | focuslineart

Create depth in your item's photos by focusing on the foreground and letting the background go out of focus. Try using your macro or portait settings if you're not one to fiddle with F-stops. These types of photos really make your items stand out, and draw your customers into the listing. For more tips check out Staying Sharp: Achieving Clarity and Crispness in Your Photos.




I've Said it Before, and I'll Say it Again!

. . .

kneek | papersandtschai | elementclaystudio

Fill up those frames! Do your pieces have beautiful textures? A detailed macro shot can help you convey the tactile qualities of your work. Don't be afraid to get too close! Here's what I love about these three photos above: all three give us a general idea of what the items are, while showing us some pretty amazing details. More tips: Shop Makeover Series: Photographing for Success.




Creating a New Craft Culture

.Ok, you caught me, this pointer has nothing to do with photography. But I thought you might like to know about the American Craft Council conference coming up October 15-17 in Minneapolis. The theme is Creating a New Craft Culture , and the conference raises the question–How can the core values of craft play a role in future marketplace models? There will be a wide range of exceptional speakers (ex. Faythe Levine and Etsy's CEO, Maria Thomas), so register early (save $150 if you register by July 8th).







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