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  1. eBay's Handbags & Shoes Sale | Fashion Vault Discounts Accessories - 2011-07-18 17:29:35-04
    It's all about accessories this week in the eBay Fashion Vault. The designer sale portal is selling shoes and handbags at up to 85% off! There are plenty of items to choose from, no matter what your budget or taste. With colorful beach totes from Magid, on-trend purses from Junior Drake and Hype, and elegant evening [...]
  2. Kate Spade Lawn Party Bitsy Purse | Small Straw Flower Cross-Body Bag - 2011-07-18 18:27:14-04
    The fashion world may be looking ahead to winter, but Kate Spade reminds us that we haven't seen the last of summer yet with this Lawn Party purse. The Lawn Party strikes the balance between Kate Spade's conservative side and her more whimsical nature. Its large flower is playful but also on trend. It's the latest [...]
  3. Miu Miu Padded Leather Tote | Chic Tailored Black Satchel - 2011-07-18 21:17:52-04
    Holy change of heart. I have been so down on Miu Miu. I've called them everything from inconsistent to over-the-top. I'm not exactly taking it back, but some of their designs have really been impressing me, lately. This padded leather tote is definitely one of them. The black leather material of the bag balances texture and [...]
  4. Marc By Marc Jacobs Pocketed Leather Tote | Perfect Dark Taupe Day Bag - 2011-07-18 23:30:15-04
    Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite designers ever. I love the way he combines street smarts with clean design. This pocket leather tote is one of the most simple, and most perfect, accessories that I've seen all season. The dark taupe color of the leather is really more of a rich, nutty grey. The color [...]
  5. Nicole Lee Candace Boston Bag | Signature Print Ombre Camel Handbag - 2011-07-19 02:05:13-04
    Nicole Lee shows uncharacteristic restraint with this Candace Boston Bag. It seems the cheap and cheerful label may have taken more than a few leaves out of Louis Vuitton's design book here. The signature print with its flowers and diamonds seems inspired by Louis Vuitton's more famous quatrefoils and blooms. The gentle camel coloring also isn't [...]
  6. Roger Vivier Opens Archives | Shop for Vintage Handbags & Shoes Online - 2011-07-19 03:05:15-04
    Roger Vivier is opening up its archives for its loyal customers. Starting in September, fans can shop online for handbags and shoes from seasons past. All the vintage accessories will be brand new, but as they're old stock numbers are strictly limited. Fashion second chances don't come along every day, so if you kicked yourself [...]
  7. Stuart Weitzman Debut Bowler Satchel | Retro Colorblocked Pearlized Leather Small Purse - 2011-07-19 04:05:18-04
    It's not big enough for carrying your ball to the local lanes, but I've fallen hard for this Debut Bowler from Stuart Weitzman. It's strange, because this isn't usually the sort of bag that would start my pulse racing. Colorblocking has never been my favorite look, but it works here. Pairing gold, gray, and pink is [...]
  8. Inside Hillary Clinton's Handbag | Secretary of State Talks Bag Contents - 2011-07-19 05:05:52-04
    Wherever American Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton goes, a large tote back isn't far behind. The former First Lady is rarely seen without one of the generously proportioned purses in hand. I've always assumed her cargo would be a closely guarded secret, but Mrs Clinton was happy to spill the beans in a recent [...]
  9. Matt & Nat Phoenix Business Tote | Black Vegan Leather Briefcase - 2011-07-19 06:05:21-04
    We've seen Matt & Nat bags at play, and now with the Phoenix the animal-friendly designing duo offers us an accessory for the office. Gone are those fashion forward accents they're so fond of. Instead the Phoenix has a much cleaner, more androgynous design. That might disappoint some of the brand's fans, but I think it's [...]
  10. Chloe Joy Rider Pack-Away Tote | Versatile But Overpriced Foldable Nylon Bag - 2011-07-19 20:16:27-04
    I am really fascinated by the See by Chloe line. It manages to be chic, hip, and affordable. Well, most of the time, anyways. This Joy Rider tote is affordable, but not worth its price. The pale grey color of the nylon on the Joy Rider is super versatile. It's also really durable. But the best [...]
  11. Marc By Marc Jacobs Textured Leather Hobo Bag | Perfectly Feminine Urban Shoulder Bag - 2011-07-19 21:30:08-04
    Have I been raving about Marc by Marc Jacobs. If not, sorry, because the line definitely deserves some love. This textured leather hobo is a fabulous example of how the brand combines hip urban styling and broad wearability. The textured black leather on this bag is a really great choice. I always think of smooth leather [...]
  12. Burberry Leather Trimmed Cotton Tote | Dramatic Strappy Black And White Carryall - 2011-07-19 23:00:57-04
    I really love where Burberry has been taking their designs, lately. They've added a whole lot of street style to their usually traditional aesthetic, and the effects are awesome. This cotton tote is the perfect balance of preppy and edgy. Although white cotton may not be the most practical choice for an everyday bag due to [...]
  13. Alexander Wang Adriel Ostrich Effect Leather Clutch | Amazing Avant Garde Evening Bag - 2011-07-20 01:00:03-04
    Alexander Wang is a genius. I know that's not a very balanced way to begin a review, but that's just how I feel. He makes avant garde design accessible and affordable, and I, for one, adore him. This Adriel clutch is one of my favorite bags, yet. I love the ostrich effect on the Adriel, even [...]
  14. Big Buddha Penny Lane Bucket Bag | Fringed Black Studded Handbag - 2011-07-20 02:05:09-04
    Big Buddha seems influenced by the world's great musical genres with this Penny Lane Bucket. Unfortunately though, this bag can't decide whether it's a hippie folk singer or a rock star. From the top to the center it's all rock and roll, with its black synthetic, rebellious slouch, and heavy metal. But it all goes awry [...]
  15. FAB|Starpoint's New Mojo Backpacks | Creative School Satchels & Rucksacks - 2011-07-20 03:05:25-04
    FAB|Starpoint is preparing to launch a brand new range of youthful backpacks and satchels, just in time for the new school year. The latest endeavor for the company behind the cutesy Hello Kitty brand and sophisticated Carlos Falchi is Mojo, a range aimed squarely at the teenage market. FAB president and chief executive officer Steve Russo [...]
  16. Rebecca Minkoff The Ex Wristlet | Orange Leather Zip Accented Purse - 2011-07-20 04:05:22-04
    Once we've gorged ourselves on ice-cream and cried through boxes of tissues, most of us are only too happy to move on from our exes. But with her cheekily named The Ex wristlet, Rebecca Minkoff's created one she hopes we'll want to keep around. This is a modern wristlet, with edgy zippered accents and poppy leather [...]
  17. Versetta's New iPad Bags | Stylish Synthetic Handbags for Apple Tablets - 2011-07-20 05:05:16-04
    Versetta has added stylish iPad handbags to its range of sophisticated fashion accessories. The Illinois brand has created two iPad collections, and following their success there's one more on the way. The Prima and Affari bags are made from high quality leatherette. They have an inner frame and protective flap to hold both models of the [...]
  18. Marc by Marc Jacobs Bianca Clutch | Sophisticated Black Leather Purse - 2011-07-20 06:05:59-04
    Marc by Marc Jacobs tends to be the youthful, more rebellious little sister to the designer's signature line. But with the Bianca clutch, the diffusion collection shows it too has a sophisticated side. The Bianca is a really elegant creature, with its classic pebbled leather body and chic envelope flap design. It's crisp and clean, with [...]
  19. See By Chloe Joy Rider Wool Blend Shoulder Bag | Basically Boring Black Tote - 2011-07-20 21:21:55-04
    What is going on with the See By Chloe line? I used to watch it with such interest, but lately all their designs seem overpriced and underinteresting. Unfortunately, this new wool version of the Joy Rider shoulder bag is more of the same. I sometimes dig knit bags. They have a crafty, DIY look to them [...]
  20. Marc By Marc Jacobs Jane On A Leash Leather Shoulder Bag | Perfectly Petite Cross-Body Bag - 2011-07-20 23:00:17-04
    Marc By Marc Jacobs (or MBMJ) is so on a roll, lately. Seriously, he is filling the void that all the overpriced, underdesigned lines out there are building in the market. This Jane On A Leash Bag is pitch perfect and affordable. MBMJ has been using a lot of textured leather lately, and I think it's [...]
  21. DKNY Quilted Fold Over Bag | Simply Sophisticated Affordable Cross Body Bag - 2011-07-21 01:00:46-04
    DKNY is up and down and all over the place this season. I've been disappointed with its offerings lately, but this great fold-over bag is beginning to change my mind. It's perfectly clean and elegant, not to mention reasonably priced. The quilted black nylon fabric isn't exactly extraordinary, but it doesn't really need to be. It [...]
  22. Harajuku Lovers Cherry Bomb Cosmetics Purse | Cute Japanese School Girls Make-Up Case - 2011-07-21 02:05:53-04
    The cute doodles that adorn the accessories from Harajuku Lovers are adorable, but they also make the line's purses unwearable once you hit a certain age. But the label may have created the answer for all its adult fans with the Cherry Bomb Cosmetics Case. After all, a cosmetics purse spends most of its life inside [...]
  23. Quirky Jump From Paper Handbags | Comic Book Bags From Taiwan - 2011-07-21 03:05:51-04
    Taiwanese designers Lin Su and Rika Lin create handbags that look just like they've jumped from the pages of a comic book. The unusual purses from their line Jump From Paper appear like two-dimensional, paper thin accessories, but they actually feature spacious interiors! The designers were inspired to create the collection on seeing a two-dimensional window [...]
  24. The SAK Heart Cross-Body | Blue Woven Polypropylene Handbag - 2011-07-21 04:05:15-04
    Some girls are too guarded to wear their heart on their sleeve, but they can wear it across their body with this cute heart shaped purse from The SAK. This woven purse looks like it's made of wool but it's actually crafted from polypropylene, a durable polymer often used to create ropes, carpets, and other tough [...]
  25. Bag Borrow or Steal is Back | Designer Handbag Website Dumps Avelle - 2011-07-21 05:05:09-04
    Online designer handbag library Bag Borrow or Steal might have changed its name to Avelle a few years ago, but I never really got the hang of the new moniker. Like so many of its loyal fans, I simply continued to call the site by its original title. Avelle was just so hoity toity, and [...]
  26. Storksak Emily Diaper Bag | Sophisticated Brown Leather Carry Tote - 2011-07-21 06:05:08-04
    Let's face it, it's hard to feel glamorous when you're wearing a mix of oatmeal and orange juice, you've got bags under your eyes, and you haven't seen a shower in days. But such is the lot of a new mother. At least Storksak can help you feel a little more chic with Rebecca Gayheart's [...]
  27. Stella McCartney Metallic Boucle Mini Bucket Bag | Striking Silver Eco-Friendly Bag - 2011-07-21 21:05:43-04
    Although Stella McCartney is a great apparel designer, I don't always love her bags. I really respect her dedication to animal rights and the environment, but sometimes her eco-materials just don't hold her styles very well. This seems to be changing, however, and this metallic boucle bag is a great example of how her style [...]
  28. Valentino Rosette Appliqued Leather Clutch | To Die For Black Floral Bag - 2011-07-21 22:00:49-04
    Valentino has had some considerable ups and downs since the man himself retired, but they seem to be normalizing. This rosette appliqued clutch might be one of the most beautiful bags I've ever seen, and I have seen a lot of bags. The smooth black leather on this bag is delicious on its own, but it's [...]
  29. See By Chloe Rodas Crystal-Embellished Leather Bag | Tan Leather Clutch With Rhinestone Bow - 2011-07-22 00:00:57-04
    See By Chloe is killing me, lately. I really don't know what's going on with the line, but it's kind of upsetting me. This Rodas clutch is very close to being cool but misses the mark enough to be ugly. I actually really love the tan leather on this clutch. It's a really unusual color choice [...]
  30. Michael Kors Unveils Fall/Winter Advertisements | Glamorous 70s Paparazzi Commercial - 2011-07-22 03:05:41-04
    Michael Kors goes glamorous with its 70s inspired fall/winter 2011 advertising campaign. Models Karmen Pedaru, Simon Nessman, and Taylor Fuchs are the stars hiding away in their limousine from the glare of the paparazzi lenses. They don't seem terribly troubled by the intrusion, but I wouldn't either if I were carrying that gorgeous silver snake clutch. [...]
  31. Juicy Couture Scottie Bling Pet Tote | Black Crest Rhinestone Decorated Dog Carrier - 2011-07-22 04:05:34-04
    Handbag dogs might be on the way out, but while there are pretty blondes who can't bear to leave their Chihuahuas at home there'll be a call for pet totes like this Scottie Bling bag from Juicy Couture. What I like most about this pet carrier is that it doesn't look like a pet carrier. Its [...]
  32. Ty Lucas Launches Diaper Bags | Chic Antibacterial Baby Totes - 2011-07-22 05:05:03-04
    Ty Lucas is the latest player in the baby bag industry. The handmade diaper bags, which are the brainchild of marketing industry veteran Nicole Hirsch, set new standards with their stylish, functional, and hygienic designs. The Ty Lucas bags are a far cry from those dowdy accessories mothers used to tote. They're inspired by the latest [...]
  33. Jessica Simpson Tribeca Duffel | Blue Denim Handbag with Large Tan Buckles - 2011-07-22 06:05:55-04
    Jessica Simpson seems to be trying to channel Manhattan's trendy Tribeca region with this duffel sharing its name. However this handbag still seems more country bumpkin than big city beauty. The problem is that this duffel tries too hard to be a fashion rebel. Its large looped buckles definitely draw attention, but I'm not sure it's [...]
  34. Stella McCartney Falabella Quilted Faux Leather Bucket Bag | Cool Quilted Chain Strap Bag - 2011-07-22 07:00:58-04
    I have always questioned Stella McCartney's accessory design sensibility, but I'm beginning to come around. The Falabella line, in particular, isn't one of my favorites, but McCartney seems to have made some much-needed changes and the effects are fabulous. The faux leather on this Falabella bag doesn't exactly look real, but it doesn't exactly need to. [...]
  35. Stone Mountain Vagabond Midi Hobo | Black Leather Purse with Blue Accents - 2011-07-23 02:05:52-04
    It's got a very bohemian name, but this Stone Mountain Vagabond is a fairly conservative creature. There's a preppy, academy school vibe to this Vagabond hobo. Its cobalt and sky blue accents help to punch up the black pebbled leather. These narrow stripes work with the golden studs to create an almost military feel. This buttoned [...]
  36. Jen Groover's New Collapsible Luggage | Easy Storage Travel Bags - 2011-07-23 03:05:15-04
    I love my purple luggage set, but I hate the space it takes up when I'm not jet setting around the globe. Perhaps it's time to invest in one of Jen Groover's new travel cases! The designer responsible for the convenient compartmentalized Butler Bags has just launched a collapsible suitcase. As an entrepreneur, author, and motivational [...]
  37. Fossil Crosstown East-West Cross-Body Bag | Affordable Teal Leather Purse - 2011-07-23 04:05:50-04
    It's been some time since a Fossil bag has turned by head, but I found myself looking twice at the label's Crosstown cross-body bag. Truth be told, it's probably only the vibrant teal leather that drew me in. After all, its simple flap design is far from revolutionary. But it did draw me in, and that [...]
  38. Rachel Roy's Japanese Charity Bag | Kindness is Always Fashionable Tote - 2011-07-23 05:05:13-04
    Rachel Roy might be a little later than most to help out the people of Japan, but better late than never, right? Her Kindness is Always Fashionable tote will help raise funds for the still devastated victims of March's earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Her rustic looking tote is adorned with the thought-provoking slogan underneath the [...]
  39. Marc By Marc Jacobs Fran Textured Leather Tote | Ultra-Cool Cherry Satchel - 2011-07-24 00:10:10-04
    Marc By Marc Jacobs is re-winning my heart day after day. Seriously, this man is a fashion hitmaker. This Fran tote is gorgeous, versatile, practical, eye-catching, and well-priced. Basically, it's perfect as far as I'm concerned. First of all, this cherry leather is just so ideal. It's rich and deep and will coordinate with anything, but [...]
  40. Chloe Studded Leather Clutch | Silky And Elegant Black Evening Bag - 2011-07-24 00:33:10-04
    Chloe's diffusion line, See, has been a major disappointment, lately. Fortunately, the Chloe collection is still as amazing as ever, and this studded leather clutch is the perfect example of their elegant, high brow style. The material on this clutch is seriously stunning. The black leather is so smooth and has such a dramatic sheen that [...]
  41. Bourne Dita Jeweled Box Bag | Retro Metallic Pink Leather Evening Purse - 2011-07-24 02:05:30-04
    Bourne takes us back to the 80s with this fun Dita Jeweled Box Bag. There's a retro futuristic feel to the Dita. That's a strange thing to say, as it's certainly not cutting edge by today's standards. But I can just imagine a girl circa 1984 beaming at the angular organization of the stones and the [...]
  42. Piero Guidi for Soho | Italian Handbag Designer Readies New York Store - 2011-07-24 03:05:20-04
    Italian accessories label Piero Guidi plans to open the doors of its first American store this September. The Soho outlet, which will measure around 3600 square feet, will be only the fourth to open outside of the company's Italian homeland. The European fashion house is known for the colorful Magic Circus characters which grace its signature [...]
  43. Gucci Large New Bamboo Leather Shoulder Bag | Feminine Olive Satchel - 2011-07-24 07:36:55-04
    Gucci's New Bamboo bag wasn't one of my favorite designs. It was just a little complicated and overthought. This update is a major improvement. Instead of adding more bells and whistles, they've pared the design down considerably, and it's totally transformed the look. The olive leather on the bag is beautiful and practical. It's a really [...]
  44. See By Chloe Fluffy Cherry Party Small Suede Shoulder Bag | Cheeky Peach Fringed Bag - 2011-07-24 20:55:01-04
    I've been keeping a close eye on See by Chloe, lately. Unfortunately, I haven't been that thrilled with what I've been seeing. Fortunately, this Fluffy Cherry Party bag is really cool and also reasonably-priced. Win-win. The peach suede on this bag is a little unexpected. I've been seeing a lot of nudes, lately, but for the [...]
  45. Judith Leiber Nancy Clutch | Black Mink Evening Purse with Crystal Clasp - 2011-07-24 21:31:12-04
    The name Judith Leiber is synonymous with intricately designed, crystal covered minaudieres, but with the Nancy she shows us she can dazzle without all that bling. That's not to say that the Nancy is a subdued creation, but by keeping the crystals confined to the clasp this purse is less ostentatious than many of its stable [...]
  46. Victoria Beckham's One of a Kind Crocodile Handbag for Selfridges | Limited Edition White Christmas Purse - 2011-07-25 01:55:34-04
    Victoria Beckham has created a one-off luxurious crocodile skin handbag that's sure to be on everyone's Christmas wish list. But most of us won't expect to find the ultra opulent shoulder bag sitting underneath our tree on December 25. With a hefty price tag of £8995, it's probably out of the price range of our [...]
  47. Kooba Rae Hobo | Studded Pleated Red Leather Handbag - 2011-07-25 02:05:28-04
    With studs on the way out, fashion designers need to be careful when using these metal accents. Too much and the bag can easily appear tired and destined to date. Kooba gets things right though with the Rae hobo. Kooba hasn't been too heavy handed here, which is the real key to the bag's success. The [...]
  48. Mulberry Named Best Performing Luxury Fashion Brand | British Label Impresses Bloomberg - 2011-07-25 03:02:16-04
    The accolades just keep on coming for Mulberry. After its stocks rose by a staggering 527% in the past 12 months, the British brand has been named the world's best performing luxury fashion retailer by financial news and data service Bloomberg. No doubt a large chunk of that success has to do with the label's Alexa [...]
  49. Juicy Couture Perfume Pink Electronics Bag | Fun Sunglasses Girl Laptop Case - 2011-07-25 04:05:00-04
    Juicy Couture offers a girly alternative to all those masculine laptop bags with this Perfume Pink Electronics purse. This handbag is playful and pink, just as we'd expect from a Juicy Couture accessory, but it's also a little bit different too. The sunglass-wearing girl is something new from the brand, and the small Juicy Couture signature [...]
  50. Chloe Marcie Small Leather Satchel | Modern Classic Nude Shoulder Bag - 2011-07-25 07:00:46-04
    Chloe's line of Marci bags is one of my favorites they've ever done. They have this really classic, almost equestrian appeal that I love. Most of them, however, have been a little big for my taste, so I find that this smaller version in cool nude is a great upgrade. Nude leather is really trendy right [...]
  51. Alexander Wang Devere Ostrich Effect Leather Bag | Stunning Gothic Chic Black Bag - 2011-07-25 11:00:09-04
    I am in love with Alexander Wang. Season after season he delivers the absolute coolest in hipster chic. This Devere bag is a great example of his signature cutting edge aesthetic. This material is one that Wang has been using a lot this season, and for good reason. It's absolutely extraordinary. The smooth leather has a [...]

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