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July 22, 2010

In my never-ending quest to unearth emerging talent, I've brought you a hearty sampling of the freshest faces popping up across the categories of Etsy. Love finding the next big thing? Discover the latest designers setting up shop when you root around Etsy's Undiscovered Pounce shopping tool or scroll through these lists of undiscovered sellers curated by Etsy's community.

Broncks Raw

By bowerylanebicycles, $595.

Archer Dress - Gold

By blacksheepVL, $185.

Vistula Coffee Table

By elementaltable, $600.


By taylorsays, $175.

Orange jacket cardigan, mohair

By maijafashion, $75.

Bali Bib

By MyEntity, $14.

Silver Cone Ring

By CarrieBilbo, $170.

Dimmable lamp

By napkn4sale, $139.

Embroidered butterfly necklace

By Georgiebakerdesigns, $20.

The Clumsy Fawn

By parceledacreage, $62.

Faux Mounted Deer Head - Elloise

By bearandthehare, $150.

17 inch Laptop sleeve

By packandsmooch, $77.

LEONOR Sale Sale Sale

By plhi, $35.

Vintage Style Pug Cake Toppers

By BriannaBlueStudio, $56.

Young boy ooak art doll

By Toysdreams, $40.


From littlegreenbirdxo, $25.

The Handle Bar Pipe-Light

By MESHarchitectures, $175.

The Ultimate Tree Swing with Initial

By ReidcraftShop, $300.

Biagio - the travel bag for everyday

By TRAKATAN, $335.

Reproduction Antique Riddling Rack

By HomeRestyle, $300.

large cube lavender scented pillow

By claudiazhao, $40.

Original Modern Raw Concrete Lamp

By functionalform, $250.

Ceramic Easy Breathing Platter

By wendygingell, $220.

iPhone 3 Sleeve and Wallet

By TuchMade, $25.

Lolita dress - romantic 3/4 sleeve

By VanesaLamura, $100.

Bunsen Candle

By InterferenceDesign, $9.36.

Snoogy and Woogams

By ElizabethFrank, $180.

Standing on a ball

By urbanblue, $48.

HUGE BEANBAG green geometric

By LilChrissy, $150.

Silver Antelope Earrings

By GoblinSupermarket, $32.

db chair

By designedbyfrancis, $1100.


By teogeo, $13.

Yellow Dress

By Fritillary, $180.

Bamboo Activated Charcoal Soap

By RockyTopSoapShop, $6.

Dr. Dentist A.K.A. Drill Sergeant

By ghosthaus, $75.

Industrial Style Floor Lamp

By GriffinLamps, $199.

Brick Style Design Leather Hide Rug

By ExoticLeather, $299.

Boston Terrier Wedding Cake Topper

By perceptionstudio, $75.

mr stag plush wall hanging

By awoodentree, $80.

Screen printed necktie on silver

By ScatterbrainTies, $25.

Vintage Dining Chairs with Birds

By EnRouteStudio, $1100.

Egg Bag 01

By FoksForm, $45.

Weekender Bag

By draughtbags, $750.

SAVE THE GULF turtle necklace

By adornandconquer, $32.

Irregular-shaped blue gem necklace

By wendyprm, $48.

9 Bite Sized French Macarons

By MacaronParlour, $14.

The Green Pin

By grayinc, $230.

Lolita Moleskine Twinset

By FancySlangfords, $18.95.

Child Size Viking Hat

By FromThePNutGallery, $40.

Revolver Necklace

By niche, $12.50.

Mounted Pewter Shell

By feistberger, $50.

Black Statement Necklace 

By BreatheCouture, $75.

Large Green Jungle Snake

By fleecybeasts, $99.

Light The Night

By anachronistic, $825.

Periwinkle Votive holder

By fancydirt, $5.

London Map Linen Cushion Cover

By chiclittleshop, $25.

pink balloon treasure box

By lovelybud, $5.

Vintage High Waisted Pencil Skirt

From FunkyFondledandFresh, $12.

Cumulonimbus I

By Chainette, $165.

Bottoms Up

By makingartworkCB, $2900.

King's Castle Playhouse

By JoesToyBox, $60.

Hardback Book Lamp - Table Light

By typewriterboneyard, $55.

Handprinted - 100 Flower Bowls 

By matchadelight, $46.

special lollipop pin

By LaPitxitxi, $10.

Sleeveless Sweater

By MonicaAdriana, $200.

Dance-Original Painting

By maryrist, $175.

Folded Square Latte Mug

By RoseberryWinn, $30.

Hand-Printed Linen Cotton Tea Towel

By wildrosesgrow, $16.50.

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