Charlotte Russe - Accessories: Top Sellers

Charlotte Russe - Accessories: Top Sellers

Buckled Satchel

Posted: 31 Mar 2009 06:00 AM PDT

Buckled Satchel

Perfect for a casual, preppy look, this Buckled Satchel features a matte faux leather, buckled side tabs, buckled double handles, stud details, an interior zip pocket, and a zipper closure. 16"W x 13"H.

Base Price: $ 18.99


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Etsy Success: Gettin' Crafty





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March 31, 2009


Dear Sellers,

Stuck in a rut? Keep yourself and your shop inspired by trying a new craft. Who knows, you could learn a new technique that your customers might really respond to!

The Crafts Dept. is Now Open!

.If, like me, your craft fantasy is to get a sneak peek behind the scenes of Martha Stewart Living . . . your day has arrived! The creative talents behind the craft designs for Martha Stewart Living have teamed up to share their personal projects, inspirations, favorite sources, and drool-worthy craft space, just for you. Visit
thecraftsdept.marthastewart.com to indulge.
Learn more in today's interview with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Editorial Director of Crafts, Marcie McGoldrick on the Storque, Etsy's blog.





How-Tuesday: Make a Donkey Softie

.We jumped on this adorable donkey tutorial by Myra Masuda and immediately knew we needed to share! Download the complete project instructions here, or follow along on Etsy's blog, courtesy of Softies Only a Mother Could Love: Lovable Friends for You to Sew, Knit, or Crochet by Jess Redman and Meg Leder. This makes a great gift for the kiddo or the adult toy-collector in your life.






How-Tuesday: Glass Photo Etching

Have you ever thought about trying glass etching? If so, I've got a project for you! I've taken cream glass etching to a new level by using PNP Blue Transfer Paper as a resist! PNP Blue Transfer Paper was originally used to etch circuit boards and has recently been adapted to etch jewelry. I tested this transfer out on glass and it works like a charm! Use this photo-transferring method to create classy custom gifts. Get the list of supplies and steps for this method here, on Etsy's blog.






Top Tutorial Websites

Whipup.net is "a multi author site with contributors from around the world united by a passion for making things, for beautiful design and for a desire to share ideas with others." I love all the free tutorials and patterns!

Instructables allows you to upload your own tutorials or browse and comment on others. Cheeseburger dress, anyone?

The TotallyTutorials blog is jam packed of cool tutorials! You'll find everything from how to make a lightbox to how to carve a stamp.

Threadbanger is a network for people who love to DIY, recreate, refashion and craft. Tons of how-to's and great videos.

I'm so sad to hear Craft magazine is going out of print. Thankfully, their blog is still rockin' with tons of tutorials and the latest news in the craft-o-sphere.

And don't forget about all the great tutorials from your fellow Etsy sellers!





Show and Tell

Sharing your new learning experience can inspire your customers and others in the craft community. Blog about it! Or upload your process to Flickr, a photo sharing website. Flickr even has groups like Crafting 365, where you can share your daily crafting adventures. If you try out a tutorial from our blog, post it to our Flickr group, Etsy Show and Tell.





Have a great tutorial to share? Send it to me!




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Etsy Finds: Beyond the Bloom

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EtsyFinds March 31, 2009: Today's Finder is Mary
BEYOND THE BLOOM  My mother always asks for fresh flowers for Mother's Day. Since giving flowers year after year can get a little boring, I've learned to spice it up by giving the lasting gift of vases, jars and pitchers that contain a beautiful bouquet. Each of the finds below would make a creative and multifunctional (not to mention environmentally friendly!) spin on the traditional vase. Give the gift that keeps on giving after the flowers have come and gone.
Photo of Find 1
You Are My Sunshine Bud Vase in Crackle

$40.00 from AmyJaneClayAddict

Photo of Find 2
Vintage Silver Tea Pot

$42.00 from highstreetmarket

Photo of Find 3
SALE – Large Crater Vase

$50.00 from sarapaloma

Photo of Find 4
Blue Lace Doily Vase

$25.00 from kensgardenpottery

Photo of Find 5
Bambina Vessels

$26.00 from Popkraft

Photo of Find 6
Set of Mini Red and Orange Cream Pitchers

$16.00 from HelloVictory

Photo of Find 7
Recycled Beer Bottle Vase with Hand Cut Wavy Top

$15.00 from MintyFreshFusions

Photo of Find 8
Sparkly Purple and Grey Knitted Vase with Upcycled Glass Interior

$15.00 from thefuzzymonkey

Photo of Find 9
Vintage Quick Seal Jar

$10.00 from cassielynne

Photo of Find 10
Recycled Boylan's Soda Bottle Glasses (Variety Set of 4)

$24.00 from YAVAglass

Photo of Find 11
Wheel Thrown Stoneware Bottle with Spotted Glaze

$20.00 from ceramicpix

Photo of Find 12
Springtime Pitcher

$40.00 from redhotpottery

Photo of Find 13
Pin Stripes – a study in – Naku (naked raku)

$95.00 from ontheriseagain

Photo of Find 14
Small Sculptural Butter Yellow with Rose Highlights Porcelain Carved Vase

$19.00 from juditavill

Photo of Find 15
Vintage Gemini Cup

$12.00 from vintology


Today's finds were
hand-selected by Mary.

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