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March 31, 2010

If being a nerd is a bad thing, then being bad never felt so good. Some of the world's best nerds include Anthony Michael Hall, Lisa Simpson, Michael Cera, Tina Fey, Harry Potter, America Ferrera, Frodo, and Michael Jackson (to name a few personal favorites). These oft-bespectacled characters continue to inspire me to go on Geekery shopping sprees. From fantasy and steampunk, to techies and science dweebs, I've scoured Etsy for the finest in geek treasures and nerd love for today's Etsy Finds.



Yellow Analog Clock

By MovieTimeClocks, $69.95.

Nerd power Pocket Protector

By annebvinyl, $20.

Hamburger Steak Floating Ring

By SouZouCreations, $12.50.

Duck Billed Platypus Flash Drive

By hemingwayfun, $35.

Custom Circuit Board Portrait

By sweetcarolinadesign, $34.

Evie in Her New Glasses

By mcatgarrison, $25.

Analog Nights Pillow

By aimeewilder, $50.

Recycled Glass Soap Dispenser

By BreadandBadger, $25.

70s Super Nerd Shoes.

From lisazain, $42.

Sock Garters

By SWANclothing, $35.

Vintage Cat Eye Glasses

From BibbysRocket, $84.

Maple Phone Case

By Substrata, $94.99.

Custom Portrait Illustration

By imfromthewoods, $60.

Light Pink Apathy Bird Makeup Bag

By nerdbomber, $25.

Talk Nerdy to Me

By spaceoddities, $1.25.

Werewolf - Unisex Tshirt No Transfer

By rosiemusic, $22.


Laptop Keyboard Wall Clock

By ScreaminMonkeyCircus, $20.

Robot Motif Mugs

By primenumber, $14.

80s Slot Glasses

From CLUTTEREDmind, $13.95.

Barcode Wallet

By BarcodeArt, $17.50.

MoofTronic Mini Electronic Synth

By rarebeasts, $89.

Robotic teapot

By richardsymonsart, $60.

Computer Keyboard Jewelry

By KeyedUp, $43.

Team Fortress Mobile

By SaltyandSweet, $33.

Ascii Art Bear Tee Shirt

By mighttees, $31.99.

Beep-it Deluxe Theremin

By michaeluna, $65.

QWERTY ) Pocketbook

By QuietDoing, $44.

Houndstooth Scarf With Computer

By spinoffstuff, $35.

Nerd Dork espresso set

By trixiedelicious, $35.

Clock made from Apple G3

By pixelthis, $47.

Circuit Board Pen

By EbsensPens, $45.

Circuit Board Pet Harness

By PeachyKeenPets, $35.

Light seeking solar powered robot

By tinyminds, $80.

Apple iMac circuit board Necklace

By Mechanimation, $25.

Resistor Necklace

By susanwilliamsdesigns, $40.

vintage microchip circuit necklace

By sparkover, $75.



Geek is the New Cool

By Morphologica, $54.50.

Renaissance Faire Cassanova

By momoma, $45.

Vintage Godzilla Toy

From MichelleBass, $22.

Fiber Optic Musical Lamp

From TheLovelys, $28.50.

MEH - Elder Futhark Runes Pin

By CreativeEtching, $6.50.

Funky UFO Lamp

By sassycrafter, $130.

See Slug Key Guard

By missusD, $10.

Kinetic Op Art Sculpture

By finness, $24.

Periodic Table T-Shirt

By darkcycleclothing, $18.

Purple Pi Vinyl Bifold Wallet

By RocketScienceStyle, $27.

Plant Cell Pillow ooak

By biologymajor, $20.

Orange Crazy Eye Monster

By pandawithcookie, $30.

Baby keepsake book-science nerds

By electricboogaloo, $40.

His and Hers - Wall/Office Art

By itsastitch, $35.

Electronic parts earrings

By Aula46, $38.

spell GEEK with amino acids

By molecularmuse, $105.

Test Tube Spice Rack

By sittinginsawdust, $34.95.

Scientific Air Plant

By TortoiseLovesDonkey, $12.75.

InnerPlanetary Hearing Device

By nanotopia, $350.

Baby Limbs Coat and Key Rack

By luxfordst, $59.


Gunslinger Ray Gun

By WattsIndustries, $85.

Circuitboard Fascinator

By chemismonger, $48.

Antique Stereoscope

From SlothArt, $90.

Robotagami Medium

By reaver, $59.99.

Back-patting Device Print

By NateCreatesLLC, $45.

brain surgery necklace

By TheTamerlane, $10.

Cigar box television

By bnagle, $175.

Explorer Scout Recon Goggles

By doubleastitching, $150.

Steampunk Weapon - The Equalizer

By RiverOtterWidget, $130.

Kraken Neovictorian Pendant

By lisby, $50.

Angel Goth Men's Jacket

By OblivionClothing, $596.

Professor Maelstromme's Monocle

By ProfMaelstromme, $69.

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