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March 15, 2010

Being a bit of an English nerd, during my first year of college I took a series of classes called The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. Often considered to be the greatest writer of the English language, the plays and poetry of William Shakespeare drew me into a world of hopeless romance, heartless villains, twisted comedy and tragic betrayal. I was astounded by the way the written word could create so much drama and emotion. While I decided against writing this introduction completely in iambic pentameter, today's Etsy Finds are dedicated to the incredible playwright and were inspired by the 36 plays and 154 sonnets he wrote during his lifetime.

My Bleeding Heart

By EveryLittleCounts, $25.

Shakespeare quote engraved ring

By pocketfullofpoesy, $85.

Of Course She Drank The Poision

By pepperminte, $20.

Shakespeare Journal Ophelia

By immortallongings, $35.

Romantic Vintage Inspired Ivory Cuff

By twoknit, $35.

Poetry Lover

By irisschwarz, $15.

Vintage Antony and Cleopatra Book

From lorilooms, $35.

But Never Doubt I Love

By Studio618, $140.

William Shakespeare Shower Curtain

By CustomShowerCurtains, $75.v

Finger puppet Greeting card

By DearDeerDesigns, $3.25.

Shakespeare Smarty Pants Tie

By inhope, $15.

Medieval Rose original painting

By HAREandDRUM, $20.

Globe Theatre Paper Model

By Paperlandmarks, $100.


By LookForFiddleheads, $26.


By prairieantiques, $11.50.

Romeo and Juliet book sculpture

By Cuneiform, $32.

Ophelia...archival giclee print

By ImagineStudio, $20.

ophelia - mossy wire crown

By whichgoose, $45.

A Night at the Theatre 8x10 Photograph

By kclarkphotography, $25.

Macbeth Dagger Earrings

By rackkandruin, $32.

Ophelia - 5x5 Fine Art Print

By violetbellaphoto, $15.


By hopeglory, $235.

Betrayal Tattoo Painting

By elizenazelie, $50.

Desdemona in Pink Satin and Lace

By maddysmadness, $24.95.


By wondercandy, $18.

Romantic blossom- hairclip

By jammerdesignz, $24.99.

Midsummer Night's Dream Mask

By ButterfliesWing, $30.

Shakespearean Skull with Mandolin

By studioAK, $12.

Sterling Comedy Tragedy Vintage Pin

From signofthedimes, $14.

The Tempest - 8.5 x 11 Print

By blackeyedsuzie, $18.

Framed and Signed Giclee Print

By numbereight, $40.

Tempest in a Bottle Necklace

By handmadebybluebird, $24.95.

Shakespeare in Love Handbound Journal

By lapaperie, $45.

Shakespeare quote cuff bracelet

By KathrynRiechert, $96.

Cross Stitch Welcome Pillow

By LittleLauraStitches, $38.

Would You Die For Love

By cinsationalbaubles, $16.

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