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  1. Burberry Prorsum Maggie Leather Shoulder Bag | Uptown Chic Gathered White Leather Handbag - 2010-03-01 14:40:54-05
    I've never been a big fan of the standard Burberry line. I know it's classic and everything, but all that tan and red plaid just irks me to no end. The Burberry Prorsum line, on the other hand, is young and fun, and still classic in its own way. The Maggie Shoulder Bag is a little [...]
  2. Badgley Mischka Arlette Tote | Slouchy Leather Buckled Bag - 2010-03-02 01:05:20-05
    With styling that's contemporary, yet classic, the Arlette from Badgley Mischka makes a great everyday tote. A gathered belt cinches in the body, adding pleats and further emphasizing the tote's slouchy shape. That gives the Arlette a casual look, although the dark colors help it work on evenings out as well. I prefer the punch of [...]
  3. Study Says Handbags Weigh as Much as Small Children - 2010-03-02 02:05:55-05
    How heavy is your purse? Recent studies show that the average handbag weighs 23 pounds. To put that in real life terms, it's the equivalent of carrying around a 15-month-old child! So what is weighing our handbags down? The most popular item is a cell phone, with 85% of women and 43% of men carrying a [...]
  4. Bebe Charlie Woven Tote | Metallic Weave Synthetic Handbag - 2010-03-02 03:05:55-05
    Bebe give a glitzy take on the popular woven tote with the Charlie. While brands like Bottega Veneta and Elliott Lucca give woven leather a classic look, Bebe prefers something more outrageous. The brand combines skinny strips of metallic polyeurethane to create this headturning design. The surface could easily look busy, but by using complementary tones [...]
  5. Women Spend Up Big on Purses, Still Suffer Handbag Envy - 2010-03-02 04:05:10-05
    If you turn green with envy the moment a woman carrying a designer bag crosses your path, you're not alone. New studies show more than half of all women suffer from "handbag envy" when they spot a purse more lovely than their own. The research also shows that we don't mind spending up to get a [...]
  6. Bodhi The Frame Satchel | Unique Quilted Lambskin Orange Handbag - 2010-03-02 05:05:37-05
    We've seen many handbags built on structured frames, but I've never seen anything that looks quite like this Bodhi satchel! While most designers try to keep the frame hidden or show just a hint of metal edge, Bodhi makes it the feature. A soft leather pipe frame extends right around the edge of the satchel, affixed [...]
  7. Betsey Johnson Mary-Lynn Hobo | Graphic and Kitsch Fabric Tote - 2010-03-02 08:02:15-05
    Here is something perfect for all lovers of graphic art prints and kitsch accessories - the Mary-Lynn tote from the ever-adventurous Betsey Johnson. With a great pop art style portrait emblazoned on the front of this fabric bag, you are certain to be looked at if you wander around with this on your arm. This bright lime [...]
  8. Miu Miu Bugatti Glazed Leather Tote | Elegant And Ladylike Pleated Off-White Carryall - 2010-03-02 18:09:27-05
    Miu Miu really runs the gamut from super weird, almost unwearable garments to super ladylike, ultra-elegant pieces. This Bugatti Glazed leather tote is of the latter variety, and it is a lovely example, at that. The off-white glazed leather adds a striking appeal to a demure, feminine style. The shape of the bag is classic, but [...]
  9. Donna Sharp Hipster Handbag | Budget Cute Pink Spotted Fabric Cross Body Bag - 2010-03-03 01:05:34-05
    This Donna Sharp Hipster bag is a world away from Abas' Becca we looked at recently. While the Abas bag is all luxury, this Donna Sharp cross body is cheap and cheerful. While Donna Sharp skimps on the materials, the designer doesn't skimp on quality. The Hipster is basic but well made. The styling isn't all [...]
  10. Louis Vuitton Sues Hyundai for Trademark Infringement - 2010-03-03 02:05:16-05
    This Superbowl ad has landed Hyundai in hot water with the famously litigious French fashion brand Louis Vuitton. The commercial shows that the Hyundai Sonata is a luxury item available at an affordable price by presenting a yacht parked in an ordinary neighborhood, cops chowing down on caviar, and street athletes using a Louis Vuitton logoed [...]
  11. Donald J Pliner Palma Satchel | Sky Blue Ruched Nappa Leather Handbag - 2010-03-03 03:05:59-05
    Donald J Pliner makes the most of buttery Nappa leather with the Palma satchel. This skin is already stunning in sky blue, but the ruched panels make it even more appealing. I love the way the gathers add texture and drama to the fairly traditional satchel shape. Being a luxury purse we see ruching on the [...]
  12. Target Unveils Liberty of London Designer Collaboration Purses and More - 2010-03-03 04:05:33-05
    Target has released a sneak peek of its next designer collections line, a collaboration with British brand Liberty of London. The collection is one of Target's largest designer collaborations, with clutch purses and day bags slated for release alongside apparel, homewares, and garden accessories. The items feature Liberty of London's signature prints and delicate mini-florals, patterns which [...]
  13. Eenamaria Girlfriend's Bestfriend Wristlet | Bold Retro Cross Convertible Clutch Purse - 2010-03-03 05:05:45-05
    Eenamaria set us up to have some serious expectations when it called this wristlet the Girlfriend's Bestfriend. But I'm just not sure this one's worth the hype. Sure, the styling is cute and just as retro as we'd expect from the brand. There's nothing new about the bold cross design and the glossy contrasting colors, but [...]
  14. Soapbox The Audrey City Case | Tartan Retro Inspired Affordable Purse - 2010-03-03 07:32:24-05
    This cute bargain purse by Soapbox looks like something that would be worn if Elle Woods played a cameo in Sex And The City! I don't actually know if this retro inspired case is aimed at adults with a love for all things Audrey Hepburn, or at little girls with an early love of fashion. I [...]
  15. Lanvin Pouchette Oulala Mariage Satin Clutch | Bridal Clutch With French Couture Details - 2010-03-03 12:54:37-05
    When the French say "ooh la la", they say it "oulala". It may  seem almost the same, but the subtle accent makes all the difference. It's the same with French fashion; the differences are small, but definite, which this Lanvin satin clutch beautifully demonstrates. As a devout minimalist, it would usually be hard for me to [...]
  16. Nine West Vintage America Satchel | Rainbow Suede Ziggy Purse - 2010-03-03 13:38:11-05
    Nine West produce lots of incredibly pretty evening bags, and then they occasionally go and produce something like this - relaxed, casual and quite good fun! The Vintage America Ziggy satchel is perhaps not quite smart enough for work, as happens with soft slouchy tan bags all too often. For the weekends this will be perfect [...]
  17. Valentino Beaded Satin Clutch | Gorgeous Evening Bag With Gold Coral Embellishments - 2010-03-03 16:00:31-05
    I know it's a cliché, but God, I love Valentino. This line has been the definition of raffi'nato (refined) for decades, and this trend shows no signs of abating despite the tragic retirement of the man himself. This beaded satin clutch is exactly in line with what I'm talking about. Who would have thought that goldtone [...]
  18. Ellington New Territory Folding Tote | Practical Red Leather Convertible Handbag - 2010-03-04 01:05:31-05
    Ellington easily combines practicality and classic good looks in this New Territory Folding Tote. The traditional boxy shape has a slight slouch, but the vertical seams give it a little extra structure. The simple design allows the gorgeous butter leather to shine. The smooth aniline finish makes an interesting change from the typical pebbled surface we've [...]
  19. Tips for Choosing the Perfect Purse | Ken Downing's Five Steps to Handbag Heaven - 2010-03-04 02:05:52-05
    Handbags are the ultimate fashion multi-tasker, an accessory that must combine good looks and practical features to satisfy. Choosing the perfect purse can be difficult, especially with fashions changing faster than you can say It Bag. But Ken Downing, the senior vice president and fashion director of Neiman Marcus, says choosing a classic bag is [...]
  20. Emilie Sloan Natalie Purse | Large Patterned Cosmetics Case - 2010-03-04 03:05:12-05
    With the same floral prints and traditional designs we've come to expect from Emilie Sloan comes this cute Natalie cosmetics purse. This feminine purse with its classic rounded shape looks lovely, but its greatest strength is that it knows its job. Rather than luxurious leathers or skins, Emilie Sloan opts for a far more functional PVC-protected [...]
  21. Franchi Whitney Clutch | Pleated Silver Satin Purse with Crystals - 2010-03-04 05:05:23-05
    Whitney Houston is making headlines for all the wrong reasons these days as her comeback tour falls flat. Franchi's clutch bearing the same name is a much more together diva. It looks like the sort of thing Ms Houston might have carried in her younger, more sober days, with its sleek metallic satin, gently pleated for [...]
  22. Bourne Izzy Clutch | Stylised Satin Bow Purse With Diamante - 2010-03-04 08:14:59-05
    The giant bow on this Bourne clutch nearly obscures the bag itself - and that is exactly why I love it. Giant 80's inspired bows have been around all year, and they don't seem to show any signs of going out of fashion. In fact, if anything they are getting cooler, more adventurous, and much more [...]
  23. Halston Heritage Slouchy Ultrasuede Sac Bag| Bright and Trendy Oversized Hobo - 2010-03-04 10:00:36-05
    Heritage is Halston's diffusion line, which means that it's a little more affordable and a little more casual than the Halston line. It has developed a major cult following amongst tastemakers like Sarah Jessica Parker and the like, and it is beginning to get a lot more press for this reason. I have sort of a [...]
  24. Judith Leiber Upsizes Handbags, Adds Fragrances and Jewelry to Collection - 2010-03-04 17:40:23-05
    There are big changes afoot at Judith Leiber, with the luxury minaudiere brand planning to expand its collection. Designer Amis Garrigue will upsize the bags in the brand's fall range. The slightly larger designs bring day-to-night versatility to the label. It's just what you want at this price point, with new bags ranging from $995 to [...]
  25. Victorian Inspired Beaded Purse | Floral Tasseled Affordable Bag - 2010-03-04 17:53:52-05
    Ooh, there really is nothing better than a bargain! At just $14.90 this definitely classifies as a bargain, and quite a fun one too! OK, so this definitely isn't the most luxurious purse on the market, but I think it gives luxury a good try. The gold frill decorations, frame structure and beaded fringe really make an [...]
  26. Frye Molly Gathered Hobo | Slouchy Black Drawstring Leather Purse - 2010-03-05 01:05:23-05
    Frye delivers all the slouchy style we'd expect from a hobo with the Molly. High quality leather always gives us that casual slouch, but Frye takes it one step further by adding drawstrings around the top and side pockets. These ties naturally gather in the skin to really bring out the bag's boho side. These drawstrings are [...]
  27. BoosRecords Recycles Retro Vinyl for Unique Music Handbags - 2010-03-05 02:05:27-05
    I remember a time when vinyl records were precious. My dad would urge us to be still as he put the stylus down on his record player, and we'd listen attentively as the crackly music played. But these days they're even more passé than CDs, so what do we do with all of that vinyl? BoosRecords [...]
  28. Luba J Bridgette Tote | Beeswax Textured Brown Suede Handbag - 2010-03-05 03:05:48-05
    From a distance this Luba J tote looks like so many bags you've seen before, but take a little time and you'll appreciate the uncommon beauty of the Bridgette. The soft suede body gives this tote a wintery charm, although the timeless colors would make it work in an office or on a dinner date all [...]
  29. Renting and Swapping Handbags the Way of the Future Says Fashion Forecaster - 2010-03-05 04:05:19-05
    Nothing compares to that heady rush of purchasing a designer handbag, but fashion forecasters say its appeal is set to fade. "Owning stuff is out," the trend analysts predict. Instead we'll swap fashion items with our friends, lease them, or scour vintage stores. As we exchange books at a traditional community libraries now, the forecasters predict [...]
  30. Pink Studio Harmony Tote Bag | Casual Striped Canvas Bag - 2010-03-05 05:05:14-05
    The cute colorful stripes we saw on the Kola Clutch are seen again here on Pink Studio's Harmony Tote. Some might accuse the designer of being unoriginal, but there are some clever differences that go beyond the size of the accessories. While the Kola was tightly pleated, Pink Studio has given the canvas a smoother look [...]
  31. Novelty Handmade Leather Baguette | Surreal Cat Shaped Purse - 2010-03-05 12:00:28-05
    It has been a while since I wrote about a really odd handbag, but as it is Friday I thought I would share my latest find. Novelty handbags are always a little odd, and this cat-shaped baguette isn't breaking that pattern! Constructed out of thick hand-sewn leather panels, this really is a whole new level of [...]
  32. Christian Louboutin Mini Loubi Satin Clutch | Creamy Ivory Satin Evening Bag With Sparkling Details - 2010-03-05 18:21:54-05
    Christian Louboutin is like the king of high fashion footwear. His handbags haven't hit quite that status, yet, but I'd say he's definitely an aristocrat arm candy kingdom. Subtly sexy offerings like this Mini Loubi clutch are exactly the reason why. The best thing about this bag is its unfussiness. Despite the use of high luxe [...]
  33. Straw Studios Beach Mat Hobo | Cute Striped Cloth Handbag with Woven Mat - 2010-03-06 01:05:56-05
    Straw Studios abandons its typical woven designs for this cloth beach bag. It's a smart choice for the brand. After all, woven straw has an even shorter shelf life once they're exposed to salty sea air, so using fabric instead makes a lot of sense. The fabric is also the ideal backdrop for the hobo's summery [...]
  34. W. & Co. and Brigade Clothing Team Up for Recycled Feed Sack Bags - 2010-03-06 02:05:46-05
    W. & Co. has teamed up with Cleveland's Brigade Clothing Company to create a limited edition collection of run feed sack totes. The totes are recycled from authentic vintage textiles sourced across America. The durable bags are then finished with copper rivets, and leather handles and corner reinforcement for every strength. There are five W. & Co. [...]
  35. Maison Martin Margiela Cherry Blossom Tote Bag | Beautiful Leather Japanese Art Handbag - 2010-03-06 03:05:47-05
    Bags featuring artistic prints are right on trend for this current season. If you love the look and luxury consider this Maison Martin Margiela Cherry Blossom Bag. Many artistic totes print their patterns on canvas or cotton, so it's lovely to see this lush leather alternative. The landscape has a distinctly Japanese look with its majestic [...]
  36. Luxurious Faux Fur and Repurposed Leather Bags from Yana - 2010-03-06 04:05:59-05
    We didn't need Sharon Osbourne or Twiggy to tell us that using fur in fashion is a no no. But it's often hard to find alternatives that offer the same level of luxury. Yana is one of those rare companies which offers animal-friendly accessories without skimping on the opulence. The New York City label uses repurposed [...]
  37. Big Buddha Tahiti Clutch | Woven Purse With Wooden Frame - 2010-03-06 05:47:15-05
    OK, so it is nearly spring. And that justifies me writing about a purse that it totally and utterly summery. From the pale wooden frame to the raffia-esque woven body, this Tahiti purse is yet another beach worthy purse from the affordable brand, Big Buddha. That woven body is actually made from a faux leather material, [...]
  38. Cynthia Vincent Studded Clutch | Soft Suede Zipper Pouch - 2010-03-06 13:50:01-05
    Cynthia Vincent is known for her strangely shaped zipper pouches, and this studded version makes the shape have a whole lot more attitude! I really like the geometric layout of the studs, and the fact that they don't just come in one boring metal. The combination of silver and gold tones makes it looks more interesting, [...]
  39. Susan Farber Bailey Satchel | Contemporary Waxed Leather Carryall Bag - 2010-03-07 01:05:33-05
    Susan Farber keeps the ruffles to a minimum with the Bailey bag. It's a very different look from the designer who tends to prefer frills and fluff over clean lines, but it's one that I think pays off. At least it does most of the time. In rich waxed leather the Bailey has up uptown cool [...]
  40. French Bilum Brand Makes Billboards Into Eco-Friendly Bags - 2010-03-07 02:05:07-05
    French brand Bilum takes billboards destined for landfill and turns them into one-of-a-kind bags for men and women. Creator Helene de la Moureyre uses her background in advertising to source the best billboards with the most dynamic designs. She pairs these with recycled seat belts for straps and adds the little touches handbag fans love. With [...]
  41. Miquelrius Jordi Labanda Cosmetic Bag | Retro Designed Poppy Makeup Purse - 2010-03-07 03:05:29-05
    I love the retro designs of Spanish artist Jordi Labanda, but I'm not sure I could work one of Miquelrius' handbags bearing the colorful prints. But I think I've found the ideal solution in this Miquelrius cosmetic bag. When I have a make-up emergency, I can whip this purse out and enjoy the cute image of [...]
  42. Chlorine of Los Angeles Gives New Life to Vintage Bags - 2010-03-07 04:05:57-05
    Vintage bags are always on trend, but often these gems of yesteryear can look a little ... well ... dated. Chlorine of Los Angeles solves the problem by restoring and refurbishing vintage handbags. Chlorine of Los Angeles designs preserve the appeal of vintage accessories while adding a little contemporary sophistication. The evening purses are adorned in [...]
  43. Latico Heritage Collection Duffel | Traditional Functional Flap Bag - 2010-03-07 16:03:47-05
    If you want a classy bag for weekends away, then this Latico duffel bag may be just the thing. This bag is a lot more formal and functional than the normal Latico designs. However, we can tell by the name of the collection, Heritage, that this is likely to be focused more on simple good looks [...]
  44. Prezzo Metal Mesh Clutch | Metallic Envelope Evening Bag - 2010-03-07 18:08:19-05
    Here we have another metal mesh purse from affordable handbag designer, Prezzo. The mesh on this purse is a lot finer than the chunky styling that we see on the brand's other mesh purse. I personally prefer this more delicate metal pattern, which not only feels great to hold, but looks more sophisticated too. That sophistication [...]
  45. Yak Pak DEN Tote Bag | Large Eco-Friendly Recycled Billboard Handbag - 2010-03-08 01:05:24-05
    I always appreciate a designer who aims to create more eco-friendly accessories. After some time admiring these green handbags, I finally took one for a spin on Saturday. Yak Pak teamed up with recycling giant Terracycle to craft this DEN Tote from billboards destined for landfill. The glossy fabric feels incredibly strong and it's water resistant [...]
  46. Diane von Furstenberg Releases Tote and CD for International Women's Day - 2010-03-08 02:05:44-05
    Today is International Women's Day, and Diane von Furstenberg is one designer that's celebrating. She's released a limited edition tote bag to commemorate this special day. Just as she did last year, Diane von Furstenberg has released a new "Proud to be Woman" tote. The simple tote is jazzed up with this colorful design. 10% of [...]
  47. Tianni Faux Suede Slouchy Hobo | Black Wavy Patterned Velvety Purse - 2010-03-08 03:05:37-05
    This faux suede hobo from Tianni shows us that a purse can be slouchy without losing any of its style. This has all of the sexy slouch we'd expect from a hobo, but it stops short of being slovenly. The secret is the black suede-like fabric. Black always looks elegant, and the velvety finish is ultra [...]
  48. Mimco Releases Limited Edition Bags and Accessories for Melbourne Fashion Festival - 2010-03-08 04:05:43-05
    To celebrate next week's L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in Australia, Mimco has released a selection of limited edition fashion items. The stylish goodies available include day bags, clutch purses, jewelry, boots, and even fascinators for the races! My favorite is this head-turning Japanese Warrior hobo, with its whip stitched accents and versatile carrying options. Just [...]
  49. Melie Bianco Woven Tote | Stylish Mesh Slouchy Handbag - 2010-03-08 08:21:08-05
    This is an interesting design from middle of the market design, Melie Bianco. For the $108 that is being asked for this spacious tote, I would have really preferred real rather than synthetic leather. That said, this is a reasonably convincing fake, and the mesh layout of the bag means you don't notice the difference as [...]

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