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March 18, 2010

Hello friends,

It's been a while. We're bringing back these Etsy News emails and sending them out monthly. We will include general updates, important news from the Etsy News section of our blog and from the Admin Announcements section of our Forums. If we have breaking news that requires your immediate attention or action, we'll send out an additional message out to this list.

So very much has happened in Etsyland over the past few months! Here are some updates:

Rokali Returns!

Rob Kalin returns as CEO Probably the biggest news is that Etsy's founder Rob Kalin, a.k.a. Rokali, returned as CEO at the start of the new year. You can read more about that here. Rob has already dug into site design and hired a talented Design Team. We recently launched an updated navigation header that expands as we transition to a wider site template. Many other changes are afoot — read about them in our two-month roadmap.

Etsy in Deutschland

Photo by bananastrudel.etsy.comMatt, Etsy Statesman, has moved with his wife Benedikta to Germany to be on the frontier of Etsy's internationalization. He and Liz, director of international business development, have brought on Amity as our UK blogger and Amelie as our French blogger. To celebrate the opening of our Berlin office, we are deeming next week Etsy Euro Week. Keep tabs on all our international goings-on by searching "Etsy International" on the blog.

Help Is on the Way

Image by StephanieFizerIn case you missed it, we launched a new Help section in November. The Support Team is currently working closely with a task force of engineers to cut down on the resellers on Etsy. Our Support Team has grown by five people. As we expand internationally, we'll be hiring more bilingual Support Admin. Please keep checking our Jobs page if you — or someone you know — would like to apply.

Etsy Keeps Growing

Photo by ElizWe've gained lots of new hires, in fact, and we'll be welcoming more. It's been hard keeping up with our About Us series on the blog, but here are a couple of good ones: John Allspaw, our new System Operations lead, has Flickr street cred. And our Adtuitive guys are crazy smart scientists who experiment with algorithms. Did I mention we're hiring? Spread the word — we want to hire the best of the best. Check out the new faces on our About page and keep an eye on our Jobs page.

How's the Weather?

Photo by YannPendariesOur marketplace, despite international economic woes, continues to thrive. This past 2009 holiday season, Etsy grew by about 100% compared with the previous year. You can read our monthly Weather Reports, in which we share marketplace stats on the Etsy Blog.

More Etsy News

Our First Blog Survey

Photo by WastedWishes.etsy.com We ran our first ever Etsy Blog reader survey, and we shared the results here.

Community Council

Photo by FoundDays.etsy.comCheck in on Rob White's updates from the Etsy Community Council here.

CPSIA Update

Photo by NYrika.etsy.comCPSC officials will be holding a Virtual Labs chat for children's item sellers regarding the CPSIA legislation. See here for details.

Visit to PDX

I Heart ArtWe launched a pilot program to support local arts and crafts in partnership with schools, museums, and Etsy Teams. It's called "I Heart Art" and we kicked it off in Portland, OR.

Site Feature Updates

Here's a quick recap of some site features we've updated and released in the past few months:

Whew, that is a lot of news! We'll be back again soon with more Etsy updates.

Thank you for being part of the Etsy community,

Vanessa Vanessa (Editor for the Etsy Blog) & the whole Etsy team

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