What's Your Biggest Strength?

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photo by AbleandBaker
Etsy Success Challenge: What's Your Biggest Strength?
These newsletters give you a slew of tips to improve your small business skills. Today I want you to work with the aspect of running your shop that you are really, really good at. Find today's challenge (and some examples) on the Etsy Blog

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Think you're not an expert? "You run a growing company. You have courage. You have strength. You have faith, and hope, and optimism. You act, even when it’s scary as hell. You make impossible decisions. You stick your neck out."
You are an expert. Convince yourself and get inspired by this fabulous blog post. 
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Artistic Endeavors

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To Live for the Lake
stephensheffield $150.00USD
Manos Santos - Blessed Ha...
ElizabethFrank $395.00USD
Etsy Gallery

From whimsical sculptures to intricate embroideries, browsing Etsy's Art Category is like strolling through a virtual gallery of fine artists from around the world. What will you discover?
Banana Moon - one of a kind m...
TomFrancoSculptures $1200.00USD
one of a kind, handmade saili...
raphaelamccormack $1200.00USD
Earthenware Sculptural Teap...
SLuehrStudios $840.00USD
Nordic Knit
racheldenny $600.00USD
Yak-Yak original ceramic scu...
lloydfineart $500.00USD
L'uomo Forzuto - The Circus...
contemori $45.00USD
• • •
• • •
AnikaEaster $425.00USD
Collage Diamond Shirt Guy
likedaang $70.00USD
imaginary friends - original p...
jenniferdavis $200.00USD
Meat Matters 07 (Butcher)
milemurtanovski $800.00USD
To a Point - an original painti...
crystalljackson $100.00USD
Map in a Circle on Wood Flo...
GabriellaSoraci $1200.00USD
• • •
Featured Seller: Jolby

Living and creating in Portland has been so rewarding and it continues to keep giving back to us. It's easy to find inspiration around the city and the surrounding wilderness, but a lot of it comes from our friends who create awesome things. We are very fortunate to be around people who push us to be better artists every day.

Read article...

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Community Art Collections
Green, gold, brown teapot wi...
robertapolfus $150.00USD
TotalMetalResource $700.00USD
Original acrylic painting on c...
rachelrolseth $384.00USD
Frida Kahlo - Digital Print
clareowendrawing $22.00USD
original ink and oil pencil drawin...
TuckooandMooCowsArt $350.00USD
Main Street - Fine Art Photo...
CarlaDyck $45.00USD
Dotted Gold Notebook
baileydoesntbark $16.00USD
Chloris - handmade paper a...
wyldewoodpapers $90.00USD
8x8 Restless
f2images $25.00USD
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