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Last week in Texas we worked closely with the Etsy Austin Team to make Etsy's presence at SXSW true to our mission. I was reminded again how amazing it is when a team comes together for a cause. 

In the wake of the recent tragic events in our global community, people have been pitching in from all around the world to help the relief efforts in Japan. Many Etsy Teams have been doing their part and you too can make a difference; take a look at this article for more information about how to get involved.
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Thinking of Japan

As we all consider how best to help heal a nation, I'd like to highlight a few teams who have been particularly dedicated to the cause. Artist Aid and Etsians for Disaster Relief have both been extremely informative and focused on organizing efforts and donating to aid organizations in Japan. Thanks to those teams, and others, for giving back to our community.

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It's Euro Week

Beginning today through March 27, we are celebrating European artists on Etsy. Check out our dedicated homepages, Euro-themed emails, special treasuries and learn how else you can take part in our worldwide homage.

In Other News

Welcome to a whole new kind of convo! We've made some improvements to communication tools on Etsy so that now you can have smooth, uninterrupted conversations, thanks to overlays. Ken explains it all here.

Take a look at this blog post that clears up some of the issues we had last week regarding privacy and feedback.

Have a wonderful week!
Love, Morgan
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