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2-layer center ring - white or ...
nervoussystem $25.00USD
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By adding Etsy members you know and admire to your circle, you can see what they're up to on Etsy through your activity feed. Get started rounding out your Etsy Circle and discover a world of creative activity with the sampling of tastemakers in today's finds.

"Before my first sale on Etsy, I was just a creative girl who liked to make things her way."

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UK Tastemaker ~ Amity Roach

Stay on top of trends in the UK by adding Amity to your Etsy Circle.

"My brother Tom is also part of this crazy plot to take over your homes, one concrete bowl at a time."

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Lamb Bonnet PDF Crochet ...
Mamachee $5.50USD
Ballerina Series - Part 7
clairelafaye $88.00USD
Vintage 1950s Gold Leaf Ha...
SuzyBerry $35.00USD
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