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PRINT / The hunter / 11x14
PeggyWolfDesign $50.00USD
a r r o w R I N G
andtheparade $70.00USD
Janet Hill Studio

Janet enjoys painting the beauty of women, interiors, and still-life. Her choice of subject matter ranges from a duchess satin gown to a humble bowl of cereal.

Anne Silber

"My work emphasizes the graphic qualities: form, line and especially color relationships. I enjoy working with colors in an almost musical sense, creating harmonies and occasional dissonance with the combination of tones."

Melanie Mikecz

"I specialize in a digital mixed media technique. It involves sketching, painting, drawing, scanning, Photoshopping (is that a word?), more painting, possibly some scribbling, more scanning, washing paint out of my hair, and then finally printing."

humanize master one piece ...
ruffeoheartslilsnoty $150.00USD
Architectural Structure Wide ...
osnatharnoy $69.00USD
Happy NEON Story: TOTE 4
LAUKaccessories $89.00USD
Neon Canvas Sneakers Vint...
purevintageclothing $48.00USD
Neon Geometric Leather Rin...
BooandBooFactory $18.00USD
Highway Leggings L
naKiMuli $70.00USD
Leah Giberson

I begin with photographs of seemingly ordinary and mundane scenes, which I then paint directly upon to distill and reveal the visually poignant moments that exist all around us, but are often overlooked.

POCKET SHORTS/ high wai...
nicolelebreux $65.00USD
Gingham Dress - 70s red pl...
roguegirlvintage $36.00USD
Handcrafted Wooden Faced ...
tumbleweedsoddities $75.00USD
Made to Order. Hand Painte...
SnarlApparel $170.00USD
The Celestial Dust T-Shirt
MapleAshandOak $32.00USD
Large Magellanic Cloud Ne...
shadowplaynyc $138.00USD
Bryce Wymer

Flat Earth Studios is a visual collective currently based out of Brooklyn, New York. Its primary focus is to bring people together and promote their personal works as well as collaborative pieces.

Chevron Tribal Butterfly Nec...
neile $225.00USD
Shirt - white / blue - random ...
thingslikediamonds $35.00USD
15% OFF the ENTIRE SHOP...
insidethebirdcage $12.00USD
Mixed Metal Earrings - Egypt...
suntribedesigns $44.00USD
Giza Turban - Earwarmer - H...
barkdecor $29.00USD
Warrior Cuff Bracelet - South...
raebird $79.99USD
Photo by Archella
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