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February 3, 2010

This week, ABC launched the final season of its popular sci-fi island saga, Lost. Much like the Twin Peaks series of the 1990s, Lost is filled with mystery and paranormal activity, and similarly, its devoted fans delight in the unveiling of cryptic clues that might help unravel the plot. Recurring themes include numerology, puzzles, Egyptian symbolism, time travel and supernatural events. Today's Etsy Finds is inspired by the secret messages and important symbols found by the marooned crash survivors in their efforts to find a way off of the island. See if you can spot some of the references!


By drMikey, $250.

Hieroglyph Sterling Silver Ring

By Plutostar, $94.

Hollow Book Flask Safe

By SecretSafeBooks, $45.

Hieroglyphics - Kisslock Clutch Purse

By Pawilli, $31.

secret message envelope

By sweetiepie, $3.

oil spill

By wacrit, $250.

Keystone Necklace

By WishByFelicity, $22.

Wooden Case with Secret Message

By LittleRetreats, $18.25.

Obscure World 2

By mnloughlin, $65.

Monthly mystery surprise package

By mandalarain, $36.


By beepalix, $36.

Art Puzzle Blocks - Aviation

By NaturallyLit, $29.

Unknown- Pendant

By thesocialcellar, $55.

Textile Bird Brooch - Minoan Bird

By BlueTerracotta, $20.

Black Smoke

By alessandrodesigns, $18.

Paper Airplane Launcher

By Times3Toys, $39.95.

Russell the Cat

By lifewithtigers, $50.


By thetypejunkie, $50.

143 (I Love You)- Necklace.

By AdaRosman, $48.

Tally Mark Earrings

By NinaGibsonDesigns, $50.

No. 11 - The Flying Squirrel

By KristenVanPatten, $75.

Split - Illuminated Eye Chart

By mpaulus, $400.

Collage on Cradled Panel

By jodiehurt, $48.

Float Factory 2

By Jordannicolette, $50.

Science Pamphlet Notebook

By AwakenJournaling, $5.


By utilitarianfranchise, $60.

Take your measures, ring

By Evrydiki, $45.

Gitarren-Kursus Lessons

By sockster, $19.

eeee-Vision Test Chart T-shirt

By daixiaole, $45.

Flow Chart Mega-Mugs

By mernim, $25.

Vintage Book Journal - Graph It

By beachchicken, $8.

1892 'I See Mars, I See Stars',

By PetitPoulailler, $16.35.

Polar Bear Gocco Patch

By arcticcircles, $2.

Ankh Napkin Rings

By bedouin, $8.

Fabric of the Sky

By surreallevi, $95.

Soaring Bird Island Imaginary Map

By silentlanguages, $60.

From Present to Past Bookmark

By affection, $8.

Wise Old Tree I Ching Magnet


Lamp Post Glass Necklace

By photoglassworks, $29.

Bomb Shelter Light

By mikeyB81, $100.

Le Bomb Mens Brief 

By whitietighties, $15.

Hurricane Katrina plaque sculpture

By CeramicArts, $140.

Steampunk Goggles

By edmdesigns, $265.

Leather hare silhouette in frame

By louloudo, $17.

Vintage Barometer Paperweight


Hydra Tshirt

By celticfantasy2, $22.


By lilychartier, $32.

Pearl Pod Ring Sterling Silver

By MarcusBerknerJewelry, $49.

blue flame T-women's size L

By jessalinb, $24.

The Icosahedron watch dial

By patricel, $22.

Marge's Market Brown Arrow Tote

By lynspataro, $35.

Decorative Staff With Feathers

By CountryByTheBumpkins, $59.29.

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