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August 21, 2010

Hi, Canada. You may not remember me, but I stopped by to visit last month. It was only for a few days in Toronto. I was the guy in the Mets hat with the big mustache. You don't recall? That's okay, I understand that you have a lot going on. Anywho, I really enjoyed my time in your lovely country, especially the extraordinarily sweet coffee at Tim Horton's. Down here, a regular coffee is two spoonfuls of sugar. Up in Toronto it seems that two handfuls is the norm.
For today's Etsy Finds I've found a wide variety of shops from across Canada. Hope you find them to be as sweet as I found your coffee.

Library Dress brown and brown

By SamanthaStoncius, $75.

Nautical Chain Halter a-line Dress

By PyxusPassionProject, $139.

Vintage Dollhouse Miniatures

From thornblossom, $25.


By PureVintageGold, $3.75.

friendly narwhal laptop decal

By beepart, $10.

Running Horse Purse

By bonspielcreation, $27.50.

Damask Cardigan (black) 

By OleOriginals, $40.

Hippos on Brown- Baby Shoes

By littlejumpingbeans, $15.

FUNKY LARGE resin beads - 16 pcs

By yukimeli, $6.50.

Marla Sweater

By LittleHouses, $110.

OOAK grey and black striped dress

By sweetmeatclothing, $65.

Lightweight Bamboo Arianne Top

By MJAnne, $59.25.

Women,form fitting,blue

By cheesymofo, $22.

Vampire Kiss - Sterling Silver Choker

By Beazuness, $15.

Vintage 1950s Diner Uniform Dress

By vintagecurve, $49.50.

4 lbs Greyface adult wool fleece

By baloo, $30.

SALE Belly band - maternity fashion

By RunSystem63, $7.


By DivaInWonderland, $37.

the well-kept secret

By thequietcanadian, $27.

Limited Sewing Kit  $5 to Kiva.

By sammade, $22.

Glow in the Dark Striped Pirate tee

By nwshirts, $24.

FREE SHIPPING Etoile Filante in gold

By cocoboudoir, $46.

Adjustable Ring with a Polar Bear

By MelissaAbram, $5.

Supayana wool Izzy dress Fall 2010

By supayana, $150.

Licorice n' Candy - Ring

By SpiderellaStudio, $14.

Vintage 60s Yashica Camera

From SakaoVintage, $65.

mod pink pretty. the hourly tote.

By smidgebox, $55.

Eyeball Rose Necklace

By rapscalliondesign, $15.

Bamboo Tank - Electric Pink

By kellyruth, $43.

Some Like It Cold - 8 x 10

By WildLifePrints, $20.

Recycled Vinyl Record Bling Ring

By bbbennyandthejet, $20.

Maurice Loves an Eggplant - 8x10 Print

By heatherfuture, $18.

The Canadian

By TippyToesKnits, $22.

Knitted grey scarf with button

By ClementineTangerinew, $17.

Leather Love Cuff - Lace Bracelet

By LoveAtFirstBlush, $75.

Lexi Bold Silver Hoop Earring

By ToxieDesigns, $30.

Snoopy and the Red Baron Journal

By PrairiePeasant, $27.

Two Peas in a Pod. Needle Felted

By HeatherBays, $30.


By SWANclothing, $35.

Dragonfly Summer Dress,

By somelikeitvintage, $115.

Eighteen faux craspedia stems

By berryisland, $75.

Sapphire, Black Crystal Spider
Ornament or Pendant

By sandijagt, $12.

Handmade Sterling and Gold Pendant

By christieg, $14.50.

10 Tissue Poms - Pick your colors

By prosttothehost, $35.

Vintage Mulberry Wine Dress - S

By DeLaBelle, $65.

Large Green Pinhead Pincushion

By Gloomstopper, $16.

Custom Plush Camera

By onelatenight, $17.

Vintage Brown Clutch

From CarlyAnnSwift, $25.

Garnet Wire Wrapped Silver Ring

By FantasyBijoux, $17.

SALE...CHICK tube dress. small

By birdapparel, $30.

Fair Beauty

By wildfox, $60.

Owl messenger bag in grey cotton twill

By BoutiqueID, $90.

Orbit Lounge Chair Eames era

By lunarloungedesign, $1200.

4 GB Octopus USB drive

By Junebug709, $35.

Underbust Corset  (Your size)

By decadentdesignz, $145.

Fringe Addict---Brown

By Adeleshop, $150.

Chocolate Espresso Cookies

By vanillabeandesserts, $12.

Vintage Sailor Striped Sundress

By simplevintage, $18.

woven spats with copper snaps

By faitavec, $50.

Moo Moo 39 Aqua.rd

By julesmaeclothing, $134.

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