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Hemp Lantern
stephaniechandler $45.00USD
L'Enchante: Leighton
dollfaceaprons $59.00USD

Today's collection of finds celebrates newly listed items and undiscovered shops sprouting up throughout Etsy.
Beautiful Custom Made Que...
AddisonsWonderland $1199.00USD
Rhizome Suit
amelia3225 $98.00USD
Hammy by Plywood Office
PlywoodOffice $1493.00USD
Wedding Inspiration
Like Vintage - 1930's inspire...
maryniagasiorowska $300.00USD
5 Green Tea Test Tube Wed...
woodandgrain $15.00USD
SALE 30% A very simple wi...
pselling $60.00USD
Sign up for wedding inspiration...
Made to Order Vintage Inspir...
monetpaisley $40.00USD
Children's coat rack / kapsto...
koencrommentuijn $60.50USD
Rocking Sheep
brightsparkdesign $175.00USD
Shop kids...
Will You Be My Valentine?

Girlfriends, boyfriends or just plain good friends, Kate Miss has got you covered with Valentine?s gift ideas.

All of Kate's picks...

More gift ideas...

Solar powered boat battery c...
garyandjoanlee $119.00USD
Decorated Cookies - Valenti...
katieduran $13.25USD
January 1, 2012 (From One) ...
AldasProject $100.00USD
MEDIUM leather 'possibles' ...
mattshallenberger $125.00USD
Kindle Fire Handcrafted Wo...
jjkraai $59.99USD
47 Micro Hibachi Grill
kotaigrill $364.00USD
ZigZag Chevron in Grey Ash...
EllenMaloneHome $20.00USD
Hand Stamped You Are Lov...
fayebristow $16.00USD
Red Felt Wreath
elizabethfranklin1 $25.00USD
More new shops...
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