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October 13, 2009

It always takes me some time to pick the cities for a Shop Local Etsy Finds. For this month's edition, I went through tons of old emails looking for cities around the world that friends and family had mentioned when writing to me. As always, in every city I looked up, Etsy sellers were there.


Portland, Oregon

One of my best friends took a spur of the moment trip out to Portland to explore the area. He sent me an email two days later: "I'm camping on the beach where they filmed The Goonies. I'm officially the coolest person you know." At that moment, I was inclined to agree.

70s Going West Leather Fringe Purse

From throbackvintage, $39.

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Green Bingo Sketchbook Journal

By somavenus, $46.

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Victoria at Balmoral Ring

By MataHariJewelry, $22.

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Vintage Houndstooth Sweatercoat

From alovebizarre, $60.

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Steel Bridge 8x10 Reproduction Print

By michelemaule, $20.

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Laguna Squares Quilted Blanket

By frolicdesign, $40.

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Perth, Australia

My sister spent four months living in Perth back in college. It's about as far as you can get from New York without floating in the middle of the Indian Ocean. While there, she managed to crash her car into a kangaroo three times. Sadly, I'm not making that up.

Sari Silk Flower Statement Necklace

By plumfish, $25.

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Are You Looking At Me - Archival print

By aussiepatches, $36.

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Buttercream Chunky Capelet

By melpdesigns, $35.

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1950s Green and Gold Glass Set

From TeddyLemon, $50.

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Marrakesh- Earrings

By lolliette, $82.

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Handmade 1950s Style Red Dress

By missmittensvintage, $150.

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Tel Aviv, Israel

Sometimes you try to travel vicariously. When my wife went with her sister on a ten day tour of Israel I was expecting her to come back with stories and pictures covering 5,000 years of history. Instead, we've got a photo essay and travelogue featuring nearly every bar and club on the Israeli coast. Sometimes traveling vicariously backfires on you.

Follow Me Tattoo Thigh-High Socks

By post, $18.

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Glass Ring - Black Pearl

By byhelenga, $19.99.

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Plain Gladiator Leather Sandals

By sandali, $50.

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Robot Vinyl Decal Sticker Wall Art

By bakanastudio, $60.

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Pierced Sterling Silver Ring

By galita, $89.

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Pompons straps dress

By Galalabel, $80.

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Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

This is where I spend all of the big holidays every year now that my parents have up and left New York to settle in North Carolina. They've been there long enough that my mother is picking up traces of a Southern accent. How that's going to mesh with her Bronx/Long Island accent is something I'm looking forward to hearing.

Hammered Sterling Stickpin Necklace

By UniquebyRebecca, $42.

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hOOtin' Hood Swamp OWL Hoodie

By Ahpeele, $60.

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5x7 Thirsty Fine Art Photo Print

By abcdimages, $15.

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White Teapot Lamp & Lampshade

By DelightfulFinds, $45.

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Autumn Gold Plated Leaf Necklace

By PoleStar, $25.

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Spooky Lighted Haunted House Block

By lilbirdieboutique, $30.

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Prague, Czech Republic

My father's family came over from the former Czechoslovakia back in the 1920s. At one point, my dad heard that there was a bridge in Prague with our last name. Naturally, he assumes that means that we must be descended from Czech or Slovak nobility. Every so often, he tells me to head back and claim our family throne. So, at least I've got that going for me.

Blue Stork / Embroidered Pouch

By handyhandscorner, $12.

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Sharpener Ring - Offbeat Collection

By weggart, $11.

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Starry Sky Hat

By Sakypaky, $45.

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Felted Necklace Pralines

By AndelinaFelt, $49.

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Original Extravagant Dress

By JanaMinarikova, $349.

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Angela Merkel with Golden Monkey

By ArtSlob, $300.

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San Antonio, Texas

Not only is San Antonio by far the hottest city I've ever visited (seriously, it was at least 160 degrees), but I was able to pull off a tux and cowboy boots combo when I went to a wedding there. It's also going to be the home of my grandmother's first great-grandchild when my cousin gives birth any day now. They make baby-size cowboy boots, right?

Silver Winged Skull Gothic Necklace

By BellaLili, $31.

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6 Gourmet Cherry Marshmallows

By miaMallows, $5.

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Copper Lapis Lazuli Weave Ring

By ourfrontyard, $20.

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Stephen Mini Penguin Amigurumi

By AllAboutKendra, $7.

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Polyethylene Goggles

By sirmamabear, $20.

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Cobalt Blue Elephant Cup

By aspeerstudio, $24.

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