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Your new favorite underwear
SlipperySlopeBloomer $25.00USD
vintage MOCHA BROWN stu...
shopREiNViNTAGE $64.00USD

Discover the most popular topics among Etsy's community curators in today's Treasury themed finds.

Etsy makers and vintage dealers allow you to embrace your inner interior decorator. Find home inspiration in today's shopping guides!

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Image by CrazyLynx
Etsy Teams
Vintage bean slicer by Spon...
MaisonMaudie $14.00USD
vintage 60s hawaiian green ...
JulsGems $48.00USD
Black Feather Necklace, Bla...
LoveAtFirstBlush $50.00USD
Globe Manzanita Forest Mos...
TinyTerrains $39.00USD
Leather Mask of a Fox...Half ...
teonova $89.00USD
Lion Costume - Dog Hallow...
LiLYorkieFruFru $55.00USD

Chelsea Fairless and Megan Hart are friends and co-founders of the feline-centric fashion blog Cat Party. Be still, your beating 5-year-old heart! These feline-friendly bloggers know some things never change.

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August Trends
vintagemarvels $69.00USD
Reclaimed Cardboard Lamp...
ShowRaum $380.00USD
vintage time card rack
AMradio $65.00USD
Square Neck Linen Dress wi...
LanaStepul $169.00USD
French Elegance Cutting Bo...
grayworksdesign $75.00USD
Honeysuckle pink poppy pur...
sirtom $50.00USD
Oh Deer / Organic cotton tea...
oelwein $21.00USD
Long Lace Trimmed Slip-- Bl...
aslipshop $29.00USD
Nutmeg - Vegan Mineral Blu...
nakedelements $10.00USD
Picnic in the Park Dress
carolhannah $115.00USD
Vintage 1950s Argus A-Four...
newamsterdam $29.00USD
Vintage 80s HOT PINK Char...
bluebutterflyvintage $48.00USD
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