5 Etsy Dads Share the Keys to Success

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Father's Day is around the corner, so to honor all the hard-working dads out there, I wanted to dedicate today's newsletter to the brave men workin' in this Etsy world. I put a call out for success tips from dads, and the responses were motivating, charming and even tear jerking! 
"I post new listings as often as I can. I sell much better with a full shop! I love what I do, and the fact that Etsy makes it possible for me to make a living at it — so I try make the most of the opportunity by making a lot of new work"  — Thor, wickstromstudio 
"Share your thoughts and personality! Us guys need to open up and be more willing to showcase who we are and why we make what we sell on Etsy. Don't hide your fatherly (and possibly dorky) feelings! " — Matty, MATTYCIPOV

"I work to get my products in front of buyers by putting images and keyword-rich narratives on the web. I provide links back to my shop, business site, Pintrest and Facebook. Of course, it has to be quality and I look for places I think a buyer may visit...SEO backlinking strategy by a plain old Etsy father of four." — Rodger, BenclifDesigns
"As a family we also felt it crucial to involve the children as best they can. Eli now experiments at soap making (more soap sniffing) and he likes to model our children's soap ranges. It gives the buyer a feel for who we are and just who they are investing in when they buy from us." — Garreth, Scentcosmetics
"If anything I have learned over the years in raising [the kids] that would relate to how we run our shop it would be to deliver what you promise. The other rule is, 'Just be nice.' If you can control your response, it will help calm whatever the problem may be." —Chuck, ChuckEByrdWallDecals
Don't miss more stories and keys to success from Etsy dads in this Etsy Succss threadTo all the dads out there, please drop by and share your wisdom. 

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