Making the Rounds

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Making the Rounds

Read on for two DIY bracelet-making tutorials easy enough to do under a beach umbrella, and sure to round out your summer get-ups.
Rewired Bracelets
Guess what?! Hidden inside those old-school printer cables is a plethora of wire in a rainbow of colors. With a craft knife and wire cutter, you can transform the wire into bracelets and wow all your techie friends. Sarah from The Owlies will show you all her tricks for making your own in this week's How-Tuesday post.

Learn how.

Sailor's Knot Bracelet
Summer is a time to hang out on the beach, swim in the ocean, and exchange sailor bracelets with new friends you may never meet again. Simone from the Etsy shop, Groundsel, will show you the ropes in this tutorial gem from the How-Tuesday archive.

Learn how.

Have a wonderful week!
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