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  1. Marc By Marc Jacobs Burg Boxer Medium Leather Tote | Super Cool Cherry Red Convertible Carryall - 2012-06-18 17:29:35-04
    Historically, the Marc by Marc Jacobs line has been a combination of high fashion and classic Americana. This Burg Boxer keeps true to the line's roots with its cutting edge convertibility and traditional feminine charm. The cherry red leather on the Burg is a real standout. Literally, it will put a needed pop of color in [...]
  2. Launer's Olympic Lydia Bags | New Metallic Purses for London Games - 2012-06-18 21:27:50-04
    Launer is getting into the Olympic spirit with a capsule collection of three handbags inspired by the games' medals. Queen Elizabeth II's favorite handbag brand is usually quite staid, but the label shows its flashier side with these metallic patent calf leather Lydia purses. As you might expect, the trio features a gold, a silver, and [...]
  3. Tianni Canvas Print Tote | Patchwork Patterned Pocket Teal Handbag - 2012-06-18 21:51:42-04
    I'm not quite sure what Tianni was thinking when creating its Canvas Print Tote. Are you? This tote has some nice elements, but none of them seem to work together. I was instantly drawn to its saturated teal hue, but the colored canvas isn't well supported. The tan piping's not so bad, but the complementary sections [...]
  4. Hermes Employees Sacked After Counterfeit Ring Busted | Workers Help Knockoff Trade - 2012-06-18 22:54:44-04
    How do you make a good designer knock-off? Enlist some of the workers from the genuine fashion house! Just don't expect your efforts won't catch up with you! We all know Hermes doesn't take counterfeiting lightly. Just a month after it saw 34 online fraudsters shut down, it's helped French police bust another counterfeiting ring. The [...]
  5. Sun N' Sand Summer Shore Wristlet | Budget Woven Clutch Purse - 2012-06-19 01:39:50-04
    We're used to Sun N' Sand creating big beach totes, but with the Summer Shore it shows us what it can do on a smaller scale. This cute wristlet has the summery aesthetic the label's famous for without any bulk. This playful purse is crafted from carefully woven natural fibers. Although there's nothing natural about the [...]
  6. Susan Farber Maple Leaf Clutch | Studded Red Leather Purse with Detachable Strap - 2012-06-19 02:05:58-04
    I'm not sure what it has in common with Canada, but I've fallen hard for the charms of Susan Farber's Maple Leaf clutch. After seeing so many frilly creations from Susan Farber, I'm glad the designer's decided to step out of her box. While those designs were initially endearing, they started to feel a bit samey [...]
  7. Prada's Video Game Ad Campaign | Striking Fall Winter 2012 Commercial - 2012-06-19 03:14:43-04
    Prada's transported its models into a video game world for its striking fall winter 2012 advertising campaign. The ads feature a who's who of up and coming fashion beauties including Anne V, Iselin Steiro, Madison Headrick, Elza Luijendijk, Vanessa Axente, and Magdalena Frackowiak. Steven Meisel shot the girls staring blankly on the steps of a geometrically [...]
  8. Tignanello All Eyes on You Tote | Classic Beige Pebbled Leather Handbag - 2012-06-19 04:53:44-04
    Tignanello toots its own horn with the grandly named All Eyes on You Tote. It's far too conservative to attract too many eyeballs, but it's a good example of a traditional tote purse. It's a shame Tignanello has given this tote such a grand name, because it raises our expectations sky high. We require an attitude [...]
  9. Versace Baroque Quilted Leather Tote | Craftily Quilted Lipstick Red Shoulder Bag - 2012-06-19 15:05:04-04
    Versace has sort of ebbed and flowed since Donatella took over in 2000 or so. Lately, she seems to be kicking it up a notch, and the results are cutting edge, but still classic Versace. This Baroque quilted leather tote is a great example of her personal design genius. The Baroque is a flap over top [...]
  10. Marni Knitted Wool And Cashmere Bag | Wintery But Chic Woolen Plaid Handbag - 2012-06-19 19:11:55-04
    I feel a little confused about what's going on with Marni right now. It's fully summer, but they've still got fall on the shelves. Is this a case of my confusion about what's seasonally appropriate or theirs? I guess I'll leave it to you to decide. This red plaid knitted bag is really a cool idea. [...]
  11. Dolce & Gabbana Designs Children's Line | Kids Apparel & Accessories from Famed Italian Fashion House - 2012-06-19 23:29:42-04
    Dolce & Gabbana is giving kids the chance to be just as fashionable as their designer loving parents with the launch of its first range for children. The fall winter 2012 collection caters for newborns, toddlers, and young boys and girls aged from three to 10 years. Seasonally appropriate tweed joins feminine lace, crochet, polka dots, [...]
  12. Tano Miss Marvelous Hobo | Brown Leather Carry-All Bag - 2012-06-20 01:34:50-04
    Its name should attract interest, but it turn out that the Miss Marvelous is just another average bag from Tano. That might seem like a harsh appraisal, but the label's rested on its laurels for far too long. Adhering to a creative vision is admirable, but a fashion house can't get by releasing carbon copies of [...]
  13. Timmy Woods Jackson Handbag | Glove Decorated Wooden Purse - 2012-06-20 02:46:25-04
    Timmy Woods pays tribute to the late king of pop with this Jackson handbag. A white glove just like the one Michael Jackson used to wear is laid over this carved black purse. I really like the minimalism of the black wooden body, but I'm not so sure about that glove. It's just a bit obvious, [...]
  14. "Elle Accessories" Makes a Comeback | Fashion Magazine Rebooted - 2012-06-20 03:39:24-04
    After a four-year hiatus, Elle is rebooting its spinoff magazine Elle Accessories in the United States. While selected overseas markets have continued to publish the fashion glossy guide focusing on handbags, jewelry, and footwear, American operations closed in 2008 after three years on shelves. The time seems right for Elle Accessories to enjoy a new lease on [...]
  15. Tepper Jackson Getaway Carryall Tote | Large Floral Travel Bag - 2012-06-20 04:41:20-04
    Tepper Jackson can't organize your leave or vacation budget, but it can make planning your next trip a little easier with this Getaway Carryall Tote. The Japanese style Lotus flower print is a fun take on a traditional floral. Pale blue flowers are complemented by modern outlined blooms. This blue color scheme is my favorite, but [...]
  16. Miu Miu Printed Canvas Mini Bucket Bag | Small But Outspoken Elephant Print Carryall - 2012-06-20 12:37:33-04
    Miu Miu seems to be experiencing a renaissance in its designs. The line has returned to some of its more classic looks, and has reintegrated the Asian influence that it used heavily in the late 90's. This mini bucket bag is a great example of Miu Miu returning to what it does best. This bucket bag [...]
  17. Gucci Monogram Canvas And Leather Shoulder Bag | Classic Equestrian Styled Logo Bag - 2012-06-20 16:52:18-04
    Gucci, despite the line's fame, all but disappeared off of the fashion radar for almost a full decade. But they're back and returning to some of their stylistic roots. This monogram shoulder bag harkens back to some of Gucci's best work from the 70's without looking like a total throwback. I am definitely not the kind [...]
  18. Jimmy Choo Sweetie Printed Acrylic Clutch | Cheesy And Cheap Looking Plastic Purse - 2012-06-20 21:31:08-04
    Just when I think my relationship with Jimmy Choo has been repaired he goes and does something terrible. His usually highbrow designs sometimes drift into questionable territory, and I'm afraid that this is one of those times. This Sweetie clutch is anything but sweet from where I'm standing. Let's get this bag's issues out of the [...]
  19. Hayley Mills Readies First Handbag Collection | Homeless Brit Makes Good - 2012-06-21 00:10:02-04
    British designer Hayley Miller will launch her first handbag collection next month. A debut launch is worth celebrating for any designer, but it's even more remarkable in Miller's case as until last summer, she was homeless. Miller left her family home at the tender age of 15 when her parents urged her to quit school and [...]
  20. The Jesse B. Collection Blueberry Fizz Clutch | Blue Silk Bow Purse - 2012-06-21 01:13:41-04
    The Jesse B. Collection embraces its feminine side with the Blueberry Fizz. At its heart this is the same old Jesse B. Collection clutch. Its simple frame design would be boring if The Jesse B. Collection didn't continue to play with fabrics and accents. And it's really played here, using a soft girly silk and adding [...]
  21. The SAK Reggio Satchel | Classic Brown Leather Handbag - 2012-06-21 02:48:14-04
    The SAK takes a break from its usual bohemian fare with the surprisingly classic Reggio satchel. After seeing so many crocheted, fringed, hippie dippy bags from the label, I was taken aback by this fairly pedestrian design. On one hand I miss the label's usual quirkiness, but on the other it's refreshing to see The SAK [...]
  22. Harveys Releases Summer Luvin' Mixers Totes | Cocktail Inspired Small Seatbelt Bags - 2012-06-21 03:40:22-04
    Harveys is getting into the summer spirit with the release of its new Summer Luvin' Mixers collection. The Summer Luvin' Mixers totes are inspired by summery drinks with their bright colors and cocktail names. There's the Pina Colada with its yellow and white hues, the Raspberry Margarita in magenta and amethyst, and the Mint Julep with [...]
  23. Tod's In Forma Leather Tote | Classic Navy Leather Handbag - 2012-06-21 04:19:13-04
    Tod's might not have shown a lot of ingenuity here, but it shows form by playing it safe with the In Forma Tote. Tod's knows that you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you create a handbag. Clean lines, classic neutrals, and high quality leather will always impress. The In Forma might not immediately [...]
  24. Haydanhuya Makes Wooden Bags | Quirky Wood Wallets & Handbags - 2012-06-21 05:31:47-04
    We've all heard of handbags with wooden handles and accents, but bags crafted entirely from wood are something different. But that's exactly what Turkish designer Gokham Eryaman creates with his unique fashion label Haydanhuya. Eryaman began his career as a graphic designer, but his life took a turn when he decided he wanted to work with [...]
  25. Tommy Hilfiger Bermuda Shoulder Bag | Quirky Jute Floral Applique Purse - 2012-06-21 06:34:25-04
    Tommy Hilfiger celebrates the season with this Bermuda Shoulder Bag. I'm thankful that this shoulder bag isn't as busy as a pair of Bermuda shorts, but I'm still not sure Tommy Hilfiger's homespun decorations will strike a chord with many modern fashionistas. The polyurethane flowers are intricately formed and well crafted, but they seem a bit [...]
  26. Tory Burch Viva Ella Tote | PVC & Pebbled Leather Carry-All Bag - 2012-06-22 02:15:22-04
    Tory Burch helps us get set for the beach with this fun Viva Ella Tote. The tote offers a playful take on colorblocking, with a pebbled leather stripe near the base and a complementary PVC section at the top. I'm usually a bit reluctant to carry transparent PVC bags, as they strip away any feminine mystery. [...]
  27. Convicts Embroider Fine Cell Work Bags | British Prisons Put Crims to Work - 2012-06-22 03:42:44-04
    Britain's prison inmates are putting their free time to good use by participating in Fine Cell Work, a social initiative which gives cons needlepoint skills. The heiress of British decorating firm Colefax and Fowler founded the scheme in the 1960s. It's grown to become a thriving program which gives the inmates a small income and something [...]
  28. Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-On Case with Back-Up Bag | Microfiber Travel Set - 2012-06-22 04:26:56-04
    Travelon sorts out your travel needs with this Wheeled Underseat Carry-On Case and Back-Up Bag set. The Wheeled Underseat Carry-On bag is a small suitcase, perfect in addition to a larger piece of luggage or for taking a short getaway. Its spacious main compartment is fitted with a trio of pockets for easy organization. The handy [...]
  29. Savorii's Eco-Friendly Handbags | Homeless Make Upcycled Bags & Homewares - 2012-06-22 05:33:01-04
    Massachusetts based eco-friendly firm Savorii is a great example of a company doing good for the planet and its people. Savorii began under the name greenlifesavor in 2009. It was founded by friends united by the concept that fun, innovative, and eco-friendly products reflect the collaborative nature of the community. Today the company crafts its green handbags [...]
  30. Treesje Nolita Cross-Body Bag | Modern Snakeskin Embossed Leather Purse - 2012-06-22 06:07:16-04
    Treesje isn't the name on every fashionista's lips, but it shows it still knows how to impress with this Nolita Cross-Body Bag. The Nolita cuts a striking figure with its angled shape and bulky golden buckles. The snakeskin texture makes the contemporary design feel that much richer. It will never be mistaken for a genuine exotic, [...]
  31. Tusk Capri Colorblocked Evening Wallet | Orange & Black Kidskin Purse - 2012-06-23 02:33:32-04
    It seems like every second purse that crosses our path is colorblocked these days. I was beginning to feel a little colorblock fatigue until I spotted this fun Capri wallet from Tusk. Tusk hasn't tried to be too clever here. The colorblocked effect is simple, with just three wide vertical stripes running down the length of [...]
  32. Seltzer's Eco-Friendly Totes | New York Brand's Fun Canvas Reusable Shoppers - 2012-06-23 03:03:29-04
    You'd never guess that the bold graphic totes from New York design firm Seltzer are eco-friendly. They look much more modern than any of the hippie bags sold at your local markets. But this company's products are as green as they come. Each one is made from sustainable cotton canvas and screenprinted with natural vegetable inks. [...]
  33. Two's Company Pink Power Weekender Bag | Affordable Paisley Travel Case & Cosmetics Purse - 2012-06-23 04:05:18-04
    Two's Company offers up a travel bag that won't break the bank with this Pink Power Weekender. You'll need to be a girly girl to appreciate it, because that pink pattern is very sugary. It's like a modern take on paisley, with starbursts and circles complementing the usual paisley teardrops. The black handles and trim don't [...]
  34. 2nd Draft Designs' Microfilm Handbags | Cute Retro Purses From Recycled Film - 2012-06-23 05:33:29-04
    We don't have a lot of need for microfilm and old school 16 mm film in this modern world of DVDs and digital cameras. But Julie Yu is putting the retro materials to good use with her accessories label, 2nd Draft Designs. Yu launched the business in 2007, when she came across 80 reels of the [...]
  35. Tylie Malibu Kerouac Tote | Leather & Suede Black Carryall - 2012-06-24 20:55:30-04
    Tylie Malibu takes inspiration from one of the world's most influential writers with its Kerouac Tote. What a shame it has none of the individuality displayed by the man who brought us On the Road. Jack Kerouac's writing defined a generation and continues to inspire authors today. He was a pioneer, yet this tote that shares [...]
  36. No More Yves for Saint Laurent | Fashion House Changes Name - 2012-06-24 21:52:14-04
    Yves Saint Laurent's newly minted creative director Hedi Slimane seems determined to shake things up. He's led the push to rechristen the fashion house as Saint Laurent. Notably press surrounding the name change has pointed to the shortened moniker being adopted for its forthcoming ready-to-wear line, which makes us wonder whether it'll be rolled out to [...]
  37. Ugg Australia Colorblock Canvas Tote | Casual Beige & Orange Handbag - 2012-06-24 23:19:12-04
    Everyone is embracing the colorblock trend this season, including Ugg Australia! Here it abandons its usual wintery shearling details for a playful warm weather look. If I didn't know better, I'd never guess this was an Ugg bag. That's a bit of a double-edged sword really. I appreciate the label trying something new and offering a [...]
  38. Rachel Roy Designs HSN Collection | Accessories & Apparel in Capsule Line - 2012-06-25 00:22:19-04
    Accessories queen Rachel Roy's teaming up with HSN for a capsule collection. Her forthcoming label Rachel Roy line is set to feature handbags, footwear, jewelry, and apparel items. Handbag lovers can look forward to clutch purses, satchel bags, and totes in bold colors. These are set to complement rounded wedge pumps, dramatic statement jewelry, and satin [...]
  39. Valentino Lacca Bow Dome Bag | Feminine Red Patent Leather Satchel Handbag - 2012-06-25 02:38:00-04
    Valentino has long embraced its feminine side, but that tends to come from soft pastels and delicate rosettes. Those accents are lovely, but it was starting to feel the label might be in a bit of a rut. So I'm glad to see it having a bit more fun with this Lacca Bow Dome Bag. The [...]
  40. Victoria's Secret Beauty & Accessories Opens in Athens | Newest Airport Location for Lingerie Offshoot - 2012-06-25 03:25:34-04
    Athens International Airport is now home to Europe's first Victoria's Secret Beauty & Accessories store. The brand new concept store was launched in partnership with local Greek distributors Agora Trading and Hellenic Duty Free Shops. The store will sell a range of accessories available exclusively at the Beauty & Accessories concept store, including Victoria's Secret handbags, [...]
  41. Vanessa Bruno Havane Hobo | Stitched Bohemian Brown Leather Purse - 2012-06-25 04:55:08-04
    Vanessa Bruno's created a bag that's the epitome of bohemian chic with this Havane hobo. There's nothing flashy about this purse, but it channel's seventies hippie style beautifully. The white and red stitching pops against the gentle brown leather. The Havane has a casually cool silhouette, but by using leather Vanessa Bruno's ensured it doesn't have [...]
  42. Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Predicted to Rise | Investment Potential of Evolving Fashion House - 2012-06-25 05:25:36-04
    Vintage Yves Saint Laurent handbags and other items are set to become even more covetable as the fashion house ushers in a new era. Christos Garkinos of iconic vintage fashion boutique Decades says pieces from past seasons always become "more collectible" when a label hires a new creative director, as Yves Saint Laurent has done with [...]

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