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November 8, 2009

This weekend’s Get the Look: Decor is inspired by the London home of Margarita Lorenzo, the designer behind Chocolate Creative. The many beautiful handmade touches featured within each room stand out against the natural simplicity of her home's interior. Marga enjoys decorating her home with renovated flea market furniture and describes her style as a simple mix of periods and styles. "I like eclectic spaces that are filled with very personal touches, like traveling finds, antiques, old loved things and of course some new pieces as well."

Working in graphic design, Marga's passion for textiles led her to discover ways to apply her graphic knowledge to textiles through printmaking. She fell in love with screenprinting and began producing a collection of bags, tea towels and pillows, which are available in her Etsy shop, chocolatecreative. Marga also runs the Chocolate Creative blog with friend, Kate Read, where they share their passion for handmade, craft, textiles, vintage and interiors.

Visit Marga on Flickr to view more photos of her sweet and simple home, and be sure to check out the Etsy Finds below for creative decorating ideas that will add a touch of natural simplicity to the place you call home.


Sugar Jar with Funnel Chandelier

By surthrival, $35.

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Farm Table Upcycled Vintage Lumber

By blackberryfurniture, $1537.

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Vintage cup, saucer and plate in pink

From Luncheonettevintage, $15.

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Pair of Chairs with Mother of Pearl Inlays

From kgentinetta, $375.

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Pine Chimney Country Cupboard

By JosephSpinaleFurn, $360.

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Clear Atlas jar duo

From thebluejar, $22.

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Antique Glass Finger Oil Lamp Lamp

From thefunnybunny, $19.98.

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Vintage Carved Frame w/ Gilt Overlay

From SHERMANCAT, $24.99.

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Vintage Teacup Candle

By BenefitJewelsCraft, $14.

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Crystal Decanter Matching Set

From RareEarthProducts, $32.

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1970s Mercury Glass Lamp

From UncommonEye, $298.99.

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Three Drawer Shaker Side Table

By ruppeldesign, $715.

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Cameos deer blue pillow

By chocolatecreative, $75.

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Order Small Scrolls

By rubyslounge, $375.

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Scalloped mirror in natural wood

By uncommon, $52.

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Doe Pillow

By feeldesign, $55.

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Crafty Wooden Scissors Wall Art

By Sypria, $24.

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Doily bird framed print

By traceface, $30.

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Birds At Work Embroidered Collage Pillow

By lapomme, $42.

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Vintage Chenille Bedspread

From catnapcottage, $145.

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Pico in Love Embroidered Mini

By pidgepidge, $48.

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Vintage French White Baby Dress

From Jiaccessory, $45.

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Butterfly crochet lace panel

From 5gardenias, $22.

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Sweet Bun Hanging Felt Art

By hellohappy, $25.

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Bergere Silhouette Chair pillow

By PillowPallooza, $72.

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Personalized Doily Painting (8 or 9 letters)

By Ottoman, $46.

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Vintage look earrings frame stand

By LittleWhiteDresser, $33.

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Textured Lace Bowl in Cloud glaze

By OneClayBead, $19.

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Retro Desk Light

From FoundVintageStyle, $30.

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An Apple A Day letterpress poster

By VikDesign, $25.

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Set of 3 Micro Tiles

By elementclaystudio, $200.

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Real Deer Skull - Grade X

From JenesisArt, $23.99.

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Pair of antique wood shoe molds - 1939

From ImSoVintage, $38.

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MudStuffing Original - Ceramic Thermos

By khphillips, $65.

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Pillow Cover with Vintage Lace Trim

By Tuuni, $42.

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Medium Eight Point Buck Feltidermy

By girlsavage, $170.

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Decorated Base And Cloche for Display

By shabbyvintagemom, $24.

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Migu - miniature teddy bear collectible

By knittingdreams, $21.

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Vintage Matroyshka Nesting Dolls-5

From ArgentumVintage, $15.

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Modern Design Deck Poster

By pleasebestill, $49.

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