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January 21, 2009

Are you dating or married to the type of person who likes to "pants you" in public or puts ex-lax in your baked goods?  Well then, don't get mad: get even! Take it from me (the sly and sneaky master of practical jokes): Etsy is the perfect place to begin plotting your revenge. The following items guarantee a few laughs and some innocent fun, perfect for your prankster friends and lovers.

For more funny gift ideas, be sure to check out Etsy's My Funny Valentine Gift Guide. Please leave a comment below to tell us about your favorite pranks and practical jokes!


Fun Popcorn Soap

Take your loved one to see a nice romantic comedy, and when the lights go down slip some of these tasty soap nuggets into his bag of movie popcorn. By LoveLeeSoaps, $4.

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Tease your lover with a sexy choreographed dance to Olivia Newton John's 1981 hit Physical, wearing nothing but this t-shirt and a pair of leg warmers. By EveryLittleCounts, $25.

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Fork It Over Money Clip

This is sure to get a laugh from your sugar daddy or sugar mama. By SpoonerZ, $24.99.

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MATURE-BOOB Early Detection Kit

To make sure your love lasts forever, help each other do a monthly boob and dink inspection. By shannongerard, $25.

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your new girlfriend handmade sticker set

Stick these on your friend's locker or notebook, and then step back and watch the rumors spread. By nowvember, $7.

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Zombie Uterus - The Prick Cushion - That Time of The Month

Put this on your lover's pillow to create a subtle warning that tonight is not the night. By abitabite, $25.

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YOU STINK - vinyl toilet fridge or window decal

Remind your friends or lovers to use the magical room deodorizer spray after they drop a deuce. By post, $11.90.

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Valentine's Day Playground Cassanova BOYS Custom Tee

I always like to see a young prankster in training. By AshlisArmoire, $25.

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These are perfect for that pass-out-drunk friend who usually ends up sleeping on the neighbor's lawn. By feralgirl, $7.

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