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January 6, 2008

Virtual Labs Schedule

.The Virtual Labs are Etsy's interactive online classroom. We have special Shop Makeover workshops scheduled along with weekly Shop Live events! And as always, Newbie Chats, Show and Tell, On The Fly Critiques and more!

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How-Tuesday: Kirigami with the Craft ROBO

.The Craft ROBO is a machine that lets you cut and score paper with precision and repetition. This is really handy if you're into scrapbooking or want to make shipping boxes, envelopes or promos for your Etsy shop. Perhaps you want to take it to the next level to create unique paper sculptures, pop-up books or custom vinyl stickers. . .

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Shop Makeover Series: 2009

.Opportunities to start anew are always there when we need them, but the New Year presents itself as our go-to get-your-butt-in-gear occasion. For Etsy sellers, it's a time to reflect and regroup and get back in the saddle. Since last January 2008, many sellers have read and contributed to our Shop Makeover series. . .

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CPSIA: Updates and Calls to Action

.UPDATE: This morning we spoke with the Deputy Director at the CPSC and he expressed the CPSC's desire to communicate with the crafter community, whether in a Virtual Lab, podcast, or blog post. However, there's work that needs to be done before that can happen. He will be keeping us in the loop, specifically. . .

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Seller How-to: Craft-onomics 101

.After wrapping up a very busy and sometimes lackluster holiday craft show season, I have come to a few grand conclusions about the economy at the moment, and – no surprise – it sucks! Though the jury is still out on how the craft community will be impacted by our nation's (and world's!) crashing markets, it's always. . .

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One Jeweler's New Year's Resolution Revolution

.The biggest challenge for me as a jeweler has nothing to do with metal, or stones, or using the tools of a metalsmith. Rather, it is reconciling my political beliefs with my chosen field. In some ways, jewelry is an unlikely profession for me—not just because (where I come from) the very idea of making jewelry as a career is simply unheard of, but also because my values rebel against the very thing that I do . . .

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Quit Your Day Job: Midnightcreations

.Before finding Etsy, Sandy of MidnightCreations had a full time day job and was splitting up the household bills with her husband. She's since had a baby, is approaching her second year selling full time on Etsy, and is almost turning enough profit to contribute as much to the household as she was before . . .

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