Breaking Ground

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Today's picks brought to you by Emily
TigerHeadDesigns $8.00USD
Groundhog Day
Mr. Groundhog
The Cutest Groundhog Soap
Brigid of the Red Scarf Grou...
mamaroots $10.00USD
roughandperfect $20.00USD
Groundhog Key Chain-Blue
FeltLLang $8.99USD
Bandit Groundhog
violastudio $45.00USD
hairy groundhog plush by th...
plushteam $25.00USD
Spring Time Hopeful
Spring Always Comes Embr...
SeptemberHouse $45.00USD
Hydrangea Blossom, Diamo...
PatrickIrlaJewelry $176.00USD
Ceramic Vegetable Garden...
californiaarthouse $15.00USD
Shabby Seafoam Green Ova...
SomeOtherPrairie $20.00USD
Juana Linen Bag with black...
LiliLee $40.00USD
Crochet Bicycle Dress Guard
darkandstormyday $75.00USD
Sleepy Head
Letterpress Personalised "Sl...
DurnallDesigns $7.50USD
Catching up on some Zzz's...
homemadegems2010 $35.00USD
I LIKE NAPS Ladies T-Shirt -...
theboldbanana $12.00USD
Print of my original watercolo...
rachelsstudio $25.00USD
Susie the sleepy time sheep
jenflower $18.00USD
ONE new 20" X 62" large flor...
vintagechicdecor $40.00USD
Good Day Sunshine!
Into the Mystic - Fine Art Ph...
honeytree $28.00USD
You Are My Sunshine YELL...
jessgonacha $8.00USD
NOM Mug Cozy - Ready to...
KnitStorm $16.00USD
Yellow Blue Bus Oscillate Sh...
sunshine - silk yo-yo shoe clips
cookoorikoo $25.00USD
spot weave - screenprinted f...
summersville $8.50USD
Seeing His Shadow
White Organic Cotton Wome...
peticotees $35.00USD
Snowqueen/ Laser cut Shad...
IsabellasArt $15.50USD
Quiet Lovers hand cut 8x10
JessicaAlpern $35.00USD
BonnieJones $45.00USD
lick your shadow. Bipolar Bet...
bipolarbettygoods $3.00USD
haunted (original drawing)
restlessthings $85.00USD
Right in Your Own Backyard

Whether tossing breadcrumbs on the grass or mounting squirrel-proof, seed-filled acrylic tubes on poles, Americans love to feed the birds.

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