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  1. Ed Hardy Malis Purse | White & Silver Mini Fold-Over Tote - 2011-02-07 15:48:45-05
    Mini bags get a bit of a mixed reception in the handbag world. They often try to be too many things, and the risk is that the designer tries to cram everything from a normal sized purse into a mini version. The Malis mini tote is partially guilty of these crimes. The traditional shape looks like a normal [...]
  2. Tiffany & Co. New Spring Bags | Wicker & Colored Leather Accessories for New Season - 2011-02-07 18:08:02-05
    Designers Richard Lambertson and John Truex are getting us excited for the warm weather ahead with this sneak peek at their spring 2011 line for Tiffany & Co. "The collection captures the newness of spring, which is so much about color," said Lambertson. "We've focused on a spectrum that goes from white to classic neutrals to [...]
  3. Rebecca Minkoff Lust Cross-Body Bag | Studded Hunter Green Leather Handbag - 2011-02-07 18:36:24-05
    Some of us are beginning to tire of studs, but it seems that Rebecca Minkoff is just as enamored with the metal as ever. She uses her favorite accent to great effect here on this Lust cross-body. I was suffering stud fatigue, but Rebecca Minkoff has ignited my ardor again here. By relegating the studs to [...]
  4. See By Chloe Poya Pouch Small Vintage Leather Bag | Feminine Vintage Looking Shoulder Bag - 2011-02-07 23:53:44-05
    See by Chloe's latest line is quirky and feminine. The Poya bags, with their leather lace trim, seem to be central this season, and for good reason. Their retro good looks are fashionable without being too trendy. This Poya Pouch is a great addition to the line. Chloe calls this color antique rose, but it's a [...]
  5. Anya Hindmarch Pimlico Leather Tote | Low Key Tan Leather Satchel With Tassel - 2011-02-08 00:30:10-05
    I've been really excited about Anya Hindmarch's latest offerings. She's been maturing as a designer and has developed an upscale urban flare of her own. Which is why this Pimlico tote is such a disappointment. It's not that there's anything wrong with it. There's just nothing particularly right with it, either. The medium brown leather material [...]
  6. Reed Krakoff RK Large Nappa Wallet | Curved Stitched White Leather Purse - 2011-02-08 01:05:51-05
    Reed Krakoff reminds us of the beauty of restrained design with this large nappa leather wallet. In complementary white cotton, you have to look closely to see the stitching which adorns this wallet, but it's worth the effort. Diagonal lines darting this way work with curved stitches to create a modern geometric masterpiece. This gentle artwork [...]
  7. Anya Hindmarch's New Man Bags | Briefcase First Look at Mens Accessories Line - 2011-02-08 02:05:51-05
    Anya Hindmarch is making her first foray into the world of man bags with a bespoke collection of around 50 pieces. This briefcase is our first look at the Anya Hindmarch men's leather line. The brown leather office bag is the ideal mix of masculinity and style. And well it should be, as it was created [...]
  8. Roberto Cavalli Studded Wallet | Black Leather Money Purse - 2011-02-08 03:05:42-05
    Sometimes an accessory doesn't add up to the sum of its parts. Sadly that's the case with this studded wallet from Roberto Cavalli. On paper this wallet sounds promising. Take classic black leather, pair it with on trend golden studs, and you should have a modern, yet timeless wallet on your hand. But entrust these elements [...]
  9. Yves Saint Laurent's Opium Store | New Las Vegas YSL Retail Space - 2011-02-08 04:05:33-05
    Yves Saint Laurent's creative director Stefano Pilati has designed a new Las Vegas YSL boutique he calls "the opium experience." The name comes from the amber/red lacquer used on the ceiling and wall panels, and YSL's perfume which permeates the retail space. The 400-square foot space at CityCenter is a real departure from other stores in [...]
  10. Roxy Delight Hobo | Beige Weathered Synthetic Bow Detail Handbag - 2011-02-08 05:05:17-05
    Roxy has really blossomed as a fashion house in recent years. When once it was the go to brand for beach-loving babes, these days its accessories are ideal for any fashionista on a budget. While the label's bags are affordable, the label rarely skimps on style. No wonder this hobo is called a Delight! Roxy keeps [...]
  11. Rebecca Minkoff Loveletter Clutch | Cute Stitched Leather Purse - 2011-02-08 14:26:22-05
    Get yourself some old-school romance in time for Valentine's day with the Loveletter clutch from Rebecca Minkoff. Whilst the Loveletter clutch looks traditional at first glance (from the over-sized stitching to the deep brown leather), there are a few touches that make this cute purse more modern. In particular it is the addition of those signature [...]
  12. D&G Three-Zip Lily Twist Purse | Dolce & Gabbana Fur Satchel - 2011-02-08 16:13:16-05
    First, a warning. The latest "Lily" isn't one for those who hate fur. With so many quality fur alternatives on the market you would have thought that a designer like D&G could make it out of something other than Coyote (!!) but I shall leave that argument for another day. There isn't anything subtle about this Twist satchel. Apart from [...]
  13. Louis Vuitton's New Amble App | Travel Application from French Fashion House - 2011-02-09 02:05:18-05
    Louis Vuitton has gone high tech with the launch of its new iPhone application. Called Amble, the app is designed with discerning travelers in mind. The app interacts with a dedicated Amble website, so jetsetters can plan their next getaway on their desktop computer at home or their iPhone or iPad while they're on the go. [...]
  14. Freitag Turns Tarpaulines Into Snakeskin | Eco-Friendly Exotic Looking Hind Bag - 2011-02-09 04:05:26-05
    Snakeskin handbags are lovely, but I'll bet the snakes aren't as enamored with our lust for exotic materials. So we're thrilled to see Freitag offer the scaly good looks of authentic serpentine in this snake-friendly Hind bag. The Hind is actually made not from real snake skins, but from vintage truck tarpaulins hand-knotted to create the [...]
  15. Treesje Mortale Grande Tote | Skull Patterned Punk Inspired Handbag - 2011-02-09 09:22:07-05
    When I think of Treesje, the Mortale print is what I think of. Vaguely Alexander Wang in inspiration, it is an embossed print that looks bloody gorgeous! It is lovely, therefore, to see this signature print on a bigger bag than their cute little clutches. Now we can look edgy and Gothic whilst still being able to carry [...]
  16. Yves Saint Laurent Multy Leather Hobo Bag | Ladylike Beige Leather Shoulder Bag - 2011-02-09 16:09:27-05
    Is YSL making a comeback? I mean, they've maintained a steady place on fashion's periphery for decades, but lately, they seem to be heading back into the forefront, at least in terms of accessories. They bring their sophisticated, ladylike aesthetic to bear on this great Multy hobo. I'll be honest, I'm not a big fan of [...]
  17. Salvatore Ferragamo Crossing Calfskin Shoulder Bag | Classic Black Leather Flap Purse - 2011-02-09 16:31:51-05
    For a hint of designer grace without any of the flash, look to an elegant purse like this Crossing shoulder bag from Salvatore Ferragamo. This is one of those purses that I might easily have passed over if not for its European pedigree. It's smart but in many ways unremarkable, with classic elements meant to coordinate [...]
  18. Samsonite Leather Office Portfolio | Stylish Brown Briefcase Bag - 2011-02-09 18:00:10-05
    I rarely get excited about office bags, but this Samsonite Leather Portfolio has the stuff to turn my head. Its looks aren't very fashion forward but they drew me in. The brown cowhide leather looks thick and luxurious, and one touch confirms its quality. The flap over design resembles a messenger, but that leather really dresses [...]
  19. See By Chloe Yate Leather Messenger | Intricate Silver Stitched Brown Leather Tote - 2011-02-09 19:00:00-05
    I have been totally in love with See by Chloe, lately. The fashionability and affordability of their accessories line makes it extremely attractive. But this Yates messenger leaves lot to be desired, and I am more than a little disappointed by it. The brown leather has a sort of icky green tinge to it. It's just [...]
  20. Santi Jeweled Clutch | Pretty Pink Beaded Evening Purse - 2011-02-09 19:06:51-05
    Santi might not have the celebrity following of Judith Leiber or Kara Ross, but its evening purses certainly wouldn't look out of place on an awards night red carpet. This pretty jeweled clutch is a fine example of the label's commitment to style. Just like a Judith Leiber purse, this clutch is covered in pretty, faceted [...]
  21. Sara Berman Dylan Make-Up Bag | Quilted Studded Leather Cosmetics Purse - 2011-02-10 01:05:11-05
    Sara Berman creates the sort of purse you just want to reach out and touch with this Dylan Make-Up bag. The Dylan is made from luxuriously supple sheepskin, which only appears softer in this weathered antique finish. Sara Berman also offers more traditional matte colors like black and cognac, but I think this dark mottled surface [...]
  22. Rebecca Taylor Designs Limited Edition Eco-Friendly Tote | New Bag for National Wildlife Foundation - 2011-02-10 02:05:15-05
    Rebecca Taylor is doing her bit for animals in need with the release of a new limited edition eco-tote. The hand-painted image of two dolphins decorates the tote's eco-friendly canvas body. It's disappointing though that Rebecca Taylor has opted for leather handles. Clearly she cares more about the dolphins than the world's cows. Choosing more of [...]
  23. Savanna Satin Frame Clutch | Vintage Beaded Floral Purse - 2011-02-10 03:05:27-05
    Savanna takes us back to a more refined time, when men opened doors for the women they courted, and those women behaved like ladies, with this Savanna satin frame clutch. While so many vintage style purses deliver a modern interpretation of classic trends, this one embraces the period that inspired it. That makes it look a [...]
  24. Old Lady Foils Thieves in Britain Video | Granny Takes Down Thugs - 2011-02-10 04:05:53-05
    A handbag-wielding granny foiled the plans of a gang of would-be jewelry thieves in Northampton, England recently. The men were using sledgehammers to break into the local jewelry store as frightened employees looked on. But the plucky pensioner wasn't intimidated. She started to wail on the thugs with her purse, and sent them on their way! "We [...]
  25. Serpui Marie Giocanda Satchel | Scaly Silver Leather Carry-All Bag - 2011-02-10 05:05:17-05
    There's something a bit fishy about this Giocanda satchel from Serpui Marie. Puns aside, I can't help thinking about silvery seafood when I look at this metallic satchel. The leather scales adorning its front bring some real personality to the Giocanda's simple box shape. I love the look, but I also hesitate to carry it. It's such [...]
  26. Menbur Aagaarda Floral Clutch | On Trend Purse With Silver Threading - 2011-02-10 14:23:52-05
    If you have found a more season appropriate clutch than the Aagaarda, then feel free to let me know! You see, Spring/Summer 2011 is all about romanticism. About taking florals, and lace, and delicate fabrics, and wearing them in a new and over-the-top way. Think layer upon layer of cream lace in a romantic dress, bold florals in colors never [...]
  27. See by Chloe Poya Vintage Leather Tote | Chic And Girlish Blush And Taupe Carryall - 2011-02-10 15:33:21-05
    See by Chloe's line of Poya bags have this great laser cut leather lace on them that adds a girlish charm to their very sophisticated aesthetic. Personally, I'm not a big purveyor of girlish charm, but these bags are so sweet and retro cool that I feel drawn to them. This Poya tote is one [...]
  28. Yves Saint Laurent Smoky Large Leather Bag | Sophisticated Ruched Beige Bag With Red Stitches - 2011-02-10 18:00:03-05
    I love Yves Saint Laurent's signature French style. Even though the line fades  in and out of fashion's center scene, it's always reliable for traditional, beautiful clothes and accessories. This Smoky tote delivers a little less than I expect of the line, but it does have a lovely look. The beige leather is such a spot [...]
  29. Soapbox The Metro City Bag | Retro Orange Spot Handbag - 2011-02-11 01:05:13-05
    Listen up mods; Soapbox has got a bag for you! The Metro City Bag looks like it's stepped out of another time, and I like it. While it might seem a bit incongruous with the modern fashion landscape, there's a free-spirited energy about the retro spots which adorn this purse which is difficult to resist. The ring [...]
  30. eBay Discounts Designer Bags on Fashion Vault | Big Savings on Luxury Handbags - 2011-02-11 02:05:49-05
    We all know that eBay is a great place for buying pre-loved purses, but did you realize you could also bag a bargain on new designer goodies? eBay works with top designers like Carlos Falchi, Betsey Johnson, and Dolce & Gabbana to offer the latest accessories and fashion items for up to 80% less through [...]
  31. SR Squared by Sondra Roberts Pinpoint Fringe Stud Hobo | Edgy Biker Chic Black Synthetic Hobo - 2011-02-11 03:05:39-05
    Fringed hobos are typically hippie dippie accessories but, with this Pinpoint Fringe Stud bag from her SR Squared label, Sondra Roberts has toughened things up. All those familiar elements are there, but they're interpreted in a new edgy way. While fringe typically flows down in soft cascades, here it's made with short, structured loops. Each one [...]
  32. Buy Leather Handbag Made from Lunch at New York Restaurant | Marlow & Sons Sells Local Cow Purses - 2011-02-11 04:05:01-05
    Brooklyn restaurant Marlow & Sons is offering diners handbags, belts, and wallets made from their lunch! The eatery's owner Andrew Tarlow has commissioned his wife, designer Kate Huling, to make leather goods from the same cows he serves. It might seem like a morbid idea, but Huling says it allows customers to "honor the animal" they've [...]
  33. Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Stud It Wallet | Black Leather Pointy Studded Coin Purse - 2011-02-11 05:05:57-05
    Watch out when you're fishing this wallet out of your tote bag; Sonia Rykiel's Stud It bites! The pointy silver studs which cover this wallet give it an edgy attitude. If your hand comes in contact with them, you might suggest they give it too much attitude! But I like the way they work with the [...]
  34. Steve Madden BBullet Clutch | Studded Affordable Synthetic Leather Purse - 2011-02-11 09:39:41-05
    Is there anyone in the world who doesn't love an affordable-yet-beautiful purse? Sure, designer bags can be gorgeous, and perhaps more to the point they can be seen as status symbols. However, when we just want a pretty purse that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, it is good to know that designers like Steve Madden are there to help us out. The [...]
  35. Prezzo NY Scenes Hobo | Cityscape Bright Colored Shopping Tote - 2011-02-11 12:44:19-05
    Prezzo seem to have a bit of a thing about New York! Still, it is an iconic city, so we can understand why! One of the big selling points for the Prezzo brand is the price point. Their bargain basement bags are cheap, and the NY Scenes hobo is no different. Priced at just $24 you [...]
  36. DKNY Crocodile Effect Leather Bag | Questionably Designed Faux Exotic Bag - 2011-02-11 23:25:50-05
    Even though I haven't been in the past, I have become kind of a fan of DKNY in recent months. They make fashionable and affordable accessories for urban fashionistas. But this croc effect bag looks cheap and cheesy, and I am really disappointed by it. The taupe crocodile embossed leather is the number one problem behind [...]
  37. MICHAEL Michael Kors Webster Ruched Leather Clutch | Perfect And Perfectly Priced Black Clutch - 2011-02-12 00:21:05-05
    I've been excited about Michael Kors' MICHAEL line all season. They've really kept an eye on the trends, but without making them look flashy or overdone. This Webster clutch is a sophisticated, but slightly edgy clutch at a shockingly low price point. The supple black leather on this bag is perfect for ruching. It has a [...]
  38. Pilar Abril Magnolia Clutch | Synthetic Snakeskin Frame Purse - 2011-02-12 09:19:05-05
    Pilar Abril combines bright snakeskin patterned synthetic leather with an unusual wooden frame, to make a purse that is stylish and different from everything else. It is always nice to have handbag that stands out from the crowd, and when that bag costs just $75 it is even nicer! A beautiful purse rarely comes at an [...]
  39. Make Love Not Trash Crossbody | Wing Print Eco-Friendly Saddle Bag - 2011-02-12 12:22:28-05
    Make Love Not Trash specialise in making purses that are eco-friendly, and the camo-khaki color of this crossbody kind of fits with the theme! As for the design, as implied by the color, it is focused on practicality. It is spacious, with a big lined interior, and a useful long shoulder strap. The canvas is practical, difficult to damage or [...]
  40. Jimmy Choo Zeta Glitter Finish Metallic Clutch | Sparkly But Elegant Bronze Bag - 2011-02-12 14:44:57-05
    I've been feeling a little conflicted about the Jimmy Choo line, lately. On the one hand, I've really been impressed with their evolution in the past few seasons. On the other, this season they have released some disappointingly unexciting bags. This Zeta clutch, however, achieves such a precise balance of glamour and elegance that I [...]
  41. Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Envelope Clutch | Refined Tan Leather Oversized Clutch - 2011-02-12 16:39:12-05
    The Marc by Marc Jacobs line is known for being trendier and somewhat more street smart than the collection, but sometimes they release traditionally beautiful bags like this one that almost everyone can appreciate. While I love their usually edgy aesthetic, I'm happy to them offer something so versatile and affordable. This tan color is all [...]
  42. Spiegel Flap Shoulder Bag | Unusual Purple Synthetic Handbag - 2011-02-12 18:25:06-05
    Look out fashionistas, this shoulder bag's flap is so huge that there's no telling what it's capable of! Seriously, I've never seen a flap this big. Even if it's not plotting world domination, at the very least it could overshadow an outfit. While the classic fashion fan in me is hesitant to carry something so bold, [...]
  43. Tracy Zych New York's New Team Spirit Bags | Colorful Handbags for Basketball Fans - 2011-02-12 19:03:46-05
    While many women bemoan becoming sports widows, there are plenty of girls that embrace America's favorite games, including designing sisters Tracy and Ashley Zych. With their label Tracy Zych New York, they celebrate their love of big games with their new Team Spirit collection. The new accessories line features fashion forward accessories in team colors, so [...]
  44. Stella McCartney Nirvana Tote | Leopard Print Nylon Carryall Bag - 2011-02-12 19:41:48-05
    Just because Stella McCartney shuns animal furs and leathers in her fashion line doesn't mean she's above mimicking their exotic coats. It might seem as incongruous as those veggie sausages and Thanksgiving tofurkey, but that's just what we get with this Nirvana tote. Those gripes aside, this is a fair effort from Stella McCartney. I'm glad [...]
  45. Diane von Furstenberg Penny Large Leather Bucket Bag | Cool Grey And White Statement Bag - 2011-02-12 20:00:49-05
    Diane von Furstenberg is one of the most prolific designers working today. Her styles are popular everywhere from posh urban enclaves to suburban malls. This Penny bucket bag represents kind of a new direction for her, with its graphic look and slouchy, casual design. The grey and white leather combination on the Penny is very striking, [...]
  46. Miche Bag's New Yellow Hope Purses | Fashion House Raises $700, 000 for Cancer Research Charity - 2011-02-12 21:04:35-05
    Last year we wrote about Miche Bag inspirational Hope purses which looked to raise money for Utah's Huntsman Cancer Institute. One year later and the purses' sales have generated more than $700, 000 for the cause, and Miche Bag's charity efforts are still going strong. This year new yellow and black bags join the original black [...]
  47. Stone Mountain Hampton Top Zip Hobo | Classic Practical Two Compartment Leather Handbag - 2011-02-13 01:05:42-05
    Looking at this Hampton hobo from Stone Mountain, I find myself wondering whether the label knows what a hobo is at all! With just the faintest of slouch around the top of the bag, and a structured shape more reminiscent of a bucket than a crescent, there's barely a hint of boho style to be [...]
  48. Prisoners Make Heavy Eco Handbags | Eco-Friendly Banner Bags Made in Jail - 2011-02-13 02:05:07-05
    Heavy Eco is helping to improve the futures of Eastern European crims with its eco-friendly range of accessories. Prisoners in Eastern European jails make all Heavy Eco accessories from recycled billboard banners. The program gives the creators vital skills, which elevates their self esteem in the short term and improves their job prospects once they've served [...]
  49. Straw Studios Gayle Shoulder Bag | Nautical Anchor Patterned Canvas Carryall - 2011-02-13 03:05:43-05
    I don't know about you, but I'm about ready to shake off winter snow and get set for summer. A cute nautical bag like the Gayle from Straw Studios could be just the accessory you need to get you there. What the Gayle lacks in luxury it makes up for in personality and street smarts. The [...]
  50. iSkin's Stylish New Technology Accessories | Q.West Puffy Quilted Gadget Bags - 2011-02-13 04:05:12-05
    iSkin turned our heads with its sophisticated and high-tech Aura iPad cases, and it's impressed us again with its latest feminine line. The Q.West collection combines the fashion-forward, feminine looks we crave with all the practicality we demand. The Q.West accessories look oh so cute with their bright matte colors and puffy quilted finishes. That finish [...]
  51. Lauren Merkin Caroline Clutch | Folded Lizard-Print Flap Handbag - 2011-02-13 08:57:08-05
    Simple origami folding and a sumptuous lizard-print leather make this Lauren Merkin clutch a luxurious option. The glamor in the Caroline clutch is simple and understated. No big jewels, no bright colors - just a simple beige fabric that exudes all kinds of class. The lizard-print is subtler than snakeskin, with a smaller pattern, yet it still [...]
  52. Hobo International Ally Wristlet | Simple Patent Leather Wallet - 2011-02-13 09:37:16-05
    Ally, meet our readers. Readers, meet Ally, a cute little patent wristlet from Hobo International. Wristlets like this tend to double for wallets, and the Ally is no different. Sure she has a cute little detachable wrist-strap, but inside she is geared more to carrying your cards and loose change than to holding the rest of [...]
  53. Stuart Weitzman Cortes Serengheti Post Hobo | Snow Leopard Haircalf Handbag - 2011-02-14 01:05:54-05
    We all know we shouldn't indulge in authentic fur accessories, but all too often the faux alternatives appear like inferior copies. Thank goodness for Stuart Weitzman, who fooled me with this Cortes Serengheti Post hobo. The earthy spots covering this hobo look so much like real snow leopard skin, but instead it's made of haircalf. Animal [...]

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