July's Hottest Trends

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Choose any 3 Planters (Sma...
NottyPooch $47.00USD
Cello Speaker Box
BassBoxShop $800.00USD
Hot This Month

Today's finds round up some of the most sought-after themes from the past month.
Salvaged Beauty

"All my life, I've been drawn to natural objects and surfaces with character, texture and colors from nature."

All of Liane's picks...

Reclaimed Barnwood Door
toddmanring $800.00USD
set of 4 chippy curvy wood b...
ElizabethRosenArt $80.00USD
reclaimed wood tray box, sal...
Shop reclaimed works...
Featured Shop: Handy Maiden

"My name is Danielle Pedersen. I make intricately hand-painted animal jewelry and decor out of polymer clay in my little studio in San Diego, California."

Read the interview...

How-To: Message in a Bottle

"This project is pretty simple. One of the keys to success is to get your glass container very clean and dry."

Make your own...

Preview: August Trends
Vintage Wiggle Dress - Cotto...
zwzzy $40.00USD
SALE - Hand Painted Vintag...
prettylittlethings85 $49.00USD
30 Itip or Utip Hair Extension...
ArtisicStrands $85.00USD
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