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30 Minute Tips: Stu-Stu-Studio!

No, not the Phil Collins hit, "Sussudio." Your actual studio, the space where your creativity takes over and your products come to life. Today's 30 minute tip comes from seller AwkwardDesigns, who says, "30 minutes of reorganizing at least once a week, sorting out papers and cleaning up my work area makes a big difference in my sanity. It's not all about the listings, views and sales. Too often it's all about the business but I try to nurture my creative side with a little cleanup. This also gives me a chance to find new ideas that have been put aside that I find inspiring again." For even more tips and to add yours to the mix, read more.

A Space to Create

Step inside the fictional workspace of Erin Souder, the voice behind the daily DIY and home style blog House of Earnest, and learn how to mix functional and quirky pieces to achieve comfortable minimalism in your studio. The goal: to make your workspace as inspiring as you are. Read more.

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