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Write for Etsy's Seller Handbook

From expert advice to tips and tricks learned through experience, every day I see information and insight passed around the seller community in the Etsy Success team and the Forums. We'd like to share even more seller wisdom in Etsy's Seller Handbook. Are you a successful seller who enjoys writing and helping other small business owners? If so, we'd like to hear from you! Write for us. 

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30 Minute Tip: Packaging

Another day, another 30 minute tip. Today's comes from seller CAMPandQUARRY, and she says, "I might not always have time to take photos of new items, but it's pretty quick and easy to set up a photoshoot to show off your packaging! I include my business cards, a wrapped item, and anything else that I regularly include in my packages to customers. It's a great image to include if you need to fill a photo spot or to have in your shop to show off your beautiful packaging and emphasize your branding." For more 30 minute tips and to add one of your own, read more.

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