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Love What You Sell

For many sellers, figuring out what to sell is an ongoing process. When you love and believe in your product, creating and curating your items and developing your brand are fun! In the following article, sellers share their stories and tips about what has worked for them and what they've learned from their products. Get inspired. 

30 Minute Tips: Rearrange

No, not your furniture - your shop! In this week's 30 minute tip, seller PreciousMetalsWire, explains how rearranging can help improve you shop. "I went through my shop and rearranged all my items. I put my best sellers on the first page, then earwires and so forth. It was easy to do and it took less than 30 minutes, and honestly it makes my shop much easier to look through." Head to the Etsy Success team for more 30 minute tips and add one of your own! Share away.

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Holiday Prep During Slow Times

As a seller, how can you use your downtime to your advantage? Start planning for the holiday season! We asked the selling community how they beat the seasonal blues and their top 4 holiday preparedness tips are in the following article. Read more.

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