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July 28, 2009
Do you ever wonder where you fit in? Finding your niche on Etsy is an art; there are so many factors, from understanding the mind of a buyer to having the right product and customer service. Etsy seller DiffractionFiber led a great workshop on this topic with four main points of discussion. For links to video recaps and more articles to help, continue on!


.1. Understanding the Psychology of Shopping
The first video (that you can watch here) covers the psychology of shopping. How do shoppers make their buying decisions? DiffractionFiber suggests that understanding the mind of a buyer can help you when creating and marketing your work. I think it can help you price your work as well! Check out the following blog post to read my Three Helpful Pricing Exercises.


.2. Lust Breeds Loyalty
How do you get shoppers to lust after your items? DiffractionFiber suggests letting your inner nerd out! Make your items quirky, and have them represent different aspects of your personality. TortillaGirl suggests taking risks in this article about finding your niche.


.3. Dive into the Process of Making a Purchase
Your customer has a problem, a need or simply a want. Maybe it's to look hip, to give a gift, to organize, to get clean. Whatever it is, there is a need you are filling. Watch video #3 in this series to dive into the process with DiffractionFiber.


.4. Instilling Loyalty
What are the important components to instill loyalty in your buyers? Getting them to return and bring their friends with them? The fourth video gives tips on exceeding expectations and giving those buyers a reason to return. I suggest reading one of the many Customer Service Articles we have on this topic!


.5. Get Help when you Need it
Need more help finding your niche? Consider joining an Etsy Team, posting in the Etsy Forums, or hanging out in Etsy's Virtual Labs to connect with other sellers. You never know where your next great piece of advice will come from! In fact, this Thursday at 4 p.m. ET, I'm holding a workshop on Turning your Browsers into Buyers— I hope to see you there!






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