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August 12, 2009

Etsy is teaming up with Lucky Magazine to bring you unique fall fashion picks live in Etsy's online meeting space, the Virtual Labs. Hang out with Jackie Nasser, Lucky Magazine's online fashion editor, today, August 12 at 5 p.m. ET to see her top Etsy picks for autumn magically appear in the room. The "Add to Cart" button will be hard to resist! Remember to get there early because there are only 150 seats!

Join me for Etsy's Shop Live event today at 5 p.m. and I'll give
you a sneak preview of fall's hottest trends and help you shop for them on
Etsy. I'll break down Lucky editors' favorite looks for the season, from
cocktail rings to mini dresses. Get your fall wardrobe ready now!

I look forward to shopping with you tonight!



Bold Florals

Don’t be afraid to layer different floral prints (think Liberty print with exploding florals). When mixed together it looks perfectly pretty and eclectic! Check out Etsy's Fall Fashion style guide.


Pink/black Floral Silk top

By AntiLabel, $42.

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Vintage Black Floral Caftan

From ramonawest, $45.

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The Dolly P. Skirt

By snoozerloser, $30.

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Floral Box Dress

By Marysavel, $58.

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Mad for Plaid

We love how plaid can go from the English countryside to the big city and still look chic. This season it’s all about bright vibrant hues and exaggerated lines. View more plaid fashions.


70s Vintage Pinky Plaid Blouse

From DalenaVintage, $26.

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black gold

By sohomode, $55.

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gold box dress

By lizarietz, $310.

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Blue and Yellow Plaid Ladies Bloomers

By pantherbyhand, $30.

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Jeweled Bib Necklaces

The definition of a statement piece — it’s all you need to make even the simplest outfit pop! View more bejeweled bib necklaces.

Sheherazade Statement Necklace

By DolorisPetunia, $250.

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Hey Babylons neckpieces - 6 shown

By heybabylons, $25.

View Item | View Shop

Luscious layers of lace

By florabond, $79.

View Item | View Shop

la paon sequined necklace

By whiteowl, $30.

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Long-Sleeved Mini Dresses

Short hemlines make these super-sexy, but covered-up arms keep them elegant — in a very appealing, ’80s-social-girl way. View more sexy long-sleeved minis.

Ruffle Front Dress 3/4 Sleeve

By ellainaboutique, $66.

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Pears Dress

By Retrokinder, $140.

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SALE - Mini Party Dress

By lilybrush, $75.

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The French Instructor (local organic cotton)

By gaiaconceptions, $120.

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‘80s Revival

This trend just won’t die down and for good reason — we’re still loving the vibrant neon hues, structured silhouettes, and edgy patterns. View more '80s inspired fashion.

Aqua motorcycle jacket

By ThrashinThreads, $94.99.

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White w/ Umbrella Print Gemma Dress

By newyorkcouture, $150.

View Item | View Shop


By joodito, $95.

View Item | View Shop

Harness the Power

By mythunderstood, $20.

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There’s nothing wrong with borrowing from the boys, so this fall it’s all about slouchy trousers, shrunken blazers, and crisp button-downs. Check out Etsy's Equestrian Prep style guide.

Vintage blue fitted blazer

From decades, $32.

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vintage Leather OXFORD Wedge Shoes

From DearGoldenVintage, $36.

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Mod vest with mini collar and racer back

By JAlvo, $45.

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All That Jazz Hat

By refinedsociety, $132.

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Cocktail Rings

From tough leather and gunmetal to bold crystals, these look-at-me rings add easy glamour to any outfit. View more sparkling cocktail rings.

Floating Orbs Ring - PURPLE

By pocketsfullofposies, $75.

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Cocktail Ring with Agate Drusy

By SYFjoolz, $158.

View Item | View Shop

Mega Crystal Rhinestone Cocktail Ring

By laurajamesjewelry, $138.

View Item | View Shop

honeycomb round cocktail ring

By alisamiller, $300.

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Looking for more trends? Indulge your shopping addiction and find out about the next best thing with Lucky Magazine.

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What's your favorite trend for fall? Will you be in Etsy's Virtual Labs today? Let us know in the comments!

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