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August 13, 2009

Oh, to live in the world of creative copy, sexy fashions and cutthroat business that is Mad Men! Set in 1960s New York, the stylized drama follows the lives of the ruthless men and women who ruled Madison Avenue advertising. Watching the dramas unfold is captivating, to be sure, but the spot-on period fashions and prop styling makes Mad Men a show to watch. The premiere of season three has me all atwitter, so today's Etsy Finds are dedicated to achieving a pitch-perfect 1960s look, whomever your favorite character may be.


Peggy Olson

Quick witted and fastidious copywriter Peggy Olson is determined to ascend the corporate ladder, her way. Though derided by office manager Joan Holloway for "dressing like a little girl," Peggy keeps her look classic, prim and professional. Play up your demure side with scarves, collared dresses and jumpers.


vintage checker day dress

From myfavoritevintage, $55.

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60s black patent leather BUCKLE heels

From NodtoModvintage, $36.

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SALE--- Abigail scarf

From CapriciousTraveler, $12.

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By myblackdress, $95.

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1950s Green Paisley Day Dress Size S

From kennedyholmes, $35.

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60s Plaid BOW Twiggy Dress small

From putonthatdress, $34.

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1950s Taupe Felt Hat, Vintage

From cheesecakevintage, $20.

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The Good Sense Bow Jumper

By necessityisthemother, $65.

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Joan Holloway

Who doesn't feel a bit inspired by the inimitable sex kitten that is Ms. Joan Holloway? As Sterling Cooper's presiding office manager, Joan is a bombshell to be reckoned with, ruling the secretaries with an icy stare (and the men with her curvaceous figure). Get her sultry look with form-fitting wiggle dresses, circle pins, and her signature pencil necklace.


Vintage 60s Red Knit Shawl Collar Dress

From littlepeachvintage, $48.

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Vintage Tassel chain necklace

By cheapdatejewelry, $36.

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GREASE style sweater...

From Solanah, $20.

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The Lucy Jumper - removable straps

By missbrache, $109.

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Black and Metallic Cocktail Dress

From empressjade, $45.

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Vintage Winard Gold Filled Circle Brooches

From cmyk, $16.

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Embroidered Lace Trim DAY DRESS

From Lolavintage, $48.

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Super Scribe - vintage pencil necklace

By beryls, $28.

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Betty Draper

From the outside, Mrs. Draper appears to live a life of suburban bliss. However, beneath her carefully arranged strand of pearls and elegant circle dresses lies a ball of inner turmoil. Achieve Betty's genteel look with soft pastels, cocktail dresses, equestrian accessories and costume jewelry.


tea dress

By sohomode, $85.

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Classic Pearl Necklace

By kgarnerdesigns, $54.

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Vintage Cobalt Blue Sparkly Necklace

From vintagelizzy, $16.

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Chiffon and Lace Cocktail Dress

From TimelessVixenVintage, $335.

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Gorgeous Custom Paisley Cocktail Dress

By audreyandgrace, $250.

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Vintage 60s Little Black Cocktail Dress

From rococovintage, $125.

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vintage brown velvet english riding helmet

From erstwhilevintage, $29.

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Black Tall Leather Riding Boots

From PlatypiVintage, $62.

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Don Draper

Protagonist, advertising wunderkind and man of intrigue, Don Draper never fails to capture the attention of those around him. Get his debonair look with skinny ties, form-fitting suits and a fedora.


Skinny Lapel Suit in Olive Green

From shopgoodgrace, $59.

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Black Skinny Silk Tie

By rabbitstop, $17.50.

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Men's Oxford Shirt - pick your fabric and size

By BrooklynTailors, $115.

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Hand-stitched leather messenger bag

By ChiiDesigns, $180.

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Super Skinny Silk Necktie

By MeandMatilda, $21.99.

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Silver dotty cuff links

By helenaemmans, $58.

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Recycled Men's Laptop Bag

By FRockmen, $195.

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Vintage Fedora Hat

From HatVantage, $24.

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Who's your favorite Mad Men character? Will you be watching this Sunday, August 16? Let us know in the comments!

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