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September 20, 2009

This weekend's Get the Look: Decor features Etsy's take on modern homes designed by professional architects and interior designers as featured on HGTV. These inspiring spaces show how investing in a few pieces of modern handcrafted furniture allows the architectural details of your home to stand out. Pair these special pieces with your choice of colorful artwork and decorative elements to create your own distinct mood and setting.

"Our increasingly complex and stressful lives make us crave simplicity. Modern style, with its clean lines and neutral palette, takes us back to the basics. But this isn't a carbon copy of mid-century modern. Today's modern is softened with rustic or natural elements like the stacked nesting tables, fossil lamp and French oak stool below." — HGTV

Visit HGTV's Designers' Portfolio for even more great spaces and styles to help you create the home of your dreams. The following Etsy Finds provide basic decorating ideas that will give your home a modern minimalist aesthetic using handmade and vintage furniture and decor accents available on Etsy.

Living Room

Andreas Charalambous, AIA
Principal Architect, FORMA Design, Inc.

"Traditional go-to colors for modern spaces: white and black. Get the updated version of this look by using a neutral, natural palette: soft gray, muted khaki or creamy oatmeal. It creates a clean yet simple look, which is the keystone of modern style." — HGTV

HGTV Living Room

U - White and Green Chair / Bench

By poaplum, $400.

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Small Mini Sprout Vase

By whitneysmith, $68.

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60s Pair Black & White Pottery Lamps

From fabulousmess, $350.

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Black and White Circle Pillow Cover

By Modernality, $26.

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Stacked Plywood Nesting End Tables

By michaelflynn, $285.

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Photographic Stone Coaster Set

By tansyandco, $35.

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Set of 3 Micro Tiles

By elementclaystudio, $200.

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old school rockaway train - pillow cover

By bungaloe, $25.

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White Wall Wedge 8 x 8

By OmniArtDisplay, $32.

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Modern White Baby Head Vase / Planter

By mudpuppy, $30.

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Felted Pebble Coaster Set

By delica, $24.

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Group Of Miniature Porcelain Doves

By SweetLoveVintage, $18.

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Alia Meyer
Interior Designer, Jessica Hall Associates

Bright blues set against a gorgeous marble counter with dramatic lighting would be any cook's dream come true.

"The pendants in this kitchen use the beauty of semi-precious quartz to add glitter and create a division from the kitchen into the bold yellow dining room." — HGTV


HGTV Kitchen

Pair Shower Shade Pendants

By kamlampcompany, $200.

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Looped Wire Basket Vintage Tabletop

From BrightWallVintage, $11.

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Blue Pyrex Divided Dish w/ Lid & Cradle

From kittyBcreative, $14.99.

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3 Vintage Glass Storage Jars w. Blue lids

From MODERA, $34.

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Sunshowers - Weeping Cherry

By BellStudios, $45.

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16x20 Barnwood Frame (choose color)

By 2DogsWoodWorking, $19.

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Hazel Atlas Blue Glass Dish

From CrankHeartPony, $9.

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Large Dansk Blue Dutch Oven

From annwares, $65.

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Daniel Bodenmiller
Bodenmiller & Associate

Modern elements combined with natural woods and colorful artisan pillows create a relaxing retreat away from the stresses of daily life.


HGTV Bedroom

Wall Art Vinyl Decal Sticker Headboard

By artwallproject, $28.

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Low Top

By tenebras, $525.

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Steel Panel Bed

By deliafurniture, $600.

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Fossils of Old

By awanderingsoul, $125.

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Natural edged walnut and white oak table

By sjswoodworking, $365.

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Ikat Pillow

By NolaFeather, $60.

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Modern Stacked Chrome Ball Lamps

From fabulousmess, $400.

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Original abstract 30 x 30 on canvas

By brianelston, $195.

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Pasiley Indian Silk Brocade Pillow Cover

From clee27, $15.

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Indian Sari Pillow--Diamond

By tweedylane, $37.

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Christopher J. Grubb
Principal, Arch-Interiors Design Group, Inc.

The cool blue tiles and pebble vanity top give this bathroom a clean, relaxing look.

"An aquatic feel is created using dual colors of blue tiles on the floor and walls. A cantilevered vanity topped with pebbles in resin rises up the wall and contains a semi-recessed sink on top. Sleek vertical lighting on each side of the mirror was used for soft indirect lighting." — HGTV

HGTV Bathroom


Eco Friendly Concrete Vessel Sink

By fiddlehead11, $350.

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RECYCLED solid French white oak stool

By StilNovoDesign, $120.

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Black Raspberry Vanilla Goat Milk Soap

By Soapcupboard, $4.

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Blue and Gray and a Yellow Line Plate

By impurevessels, $35.

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love - 2 Translucent porcelain cup

By stepanka, $56.

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Vessel Sink in Celadon Green Glaze

By MudworksPottery, $200.

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Which style should we explore in our next edition? Post your requests in the comments!

Looking for more styles and interiors? Check out our video series, There's No Place Like Here, where creative types show us their unique spaces — infused with their aesthetic and filled with the treasures they collect. Get involved and show us your amazing space in this Flickr pool.

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