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May 30, 2009

Summer is prime vacation time, and this lady is ready to head for the hills. However, the hardest part of hitting the road always seems to be deciding the destination. Should I pack my knapsack and head for Alaska's uncharted territories, take off on a cross country road trip in search of the United States' greasiest spoons, or journey to Japan for a change in cultural scenery? It's all a matter of choosing your adventure! Here's what you'll need to make your getaway a vintage-inspired reality, Etsy style.


Vintage Crams Scope O Sphere World Globe

First things first: spin the globe and decide on a destination! From jwhite2, $49.

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Next, start saving your pennies and dreaming of your fantasy getaway. This handsome pig will help get the job done. From strawberryvintage, $16.99.

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Vintage Travel Guide 'Carry Me Back to Old Virginia, 1940's

Boning up on local history from vintage travel guides brings context to the sites. I could have used this antique Virginia travel guide during my last vacation! From DodadChick, $18.

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Retro 1970s Groovy WEEKEND BAG

Pack your bags and hit the road, Jack! This roomy weekender will fit all of your necessities. From modhuman, $24.99.

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1980 Vintage Brown Semi-Rimless Sunglasses from Pudding

Sunglasses equal complete and utter vacation freedom. Whether you're road tripping, train hopping or flying, do it in style with these frames. From thepuddingstorevint, $18.

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Vintage Kids Road Trip/Summer Activity Book

There's nothing worse than a cranky tyke on the road, so keep the kids entertained with this funky vintage activity book. From VintageSurplus, $5.

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Vintage Six games Board

If all else fails, revert to travel board games. They're fun for every age! From Shabbylull, $16.

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vintage working alarm clock for your travels

This travel alarm clock will ensure that you're up and at 'em for a day of sightseeing. From opendoorstudio, $18.50.

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Vintage 1970s Rand McNally World Atlas

Make sure to check your travel routes with this vintage atlas. Who needs Google Maps when you can have the real deal? From foxtreemiscellany, $18.

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Vintage Binolux Binoculars with Leather Case

Take in some natural scenery and local wildlife with these handy binoculars. From littlebyrdvintage, $50.

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KILLER Vintage Olympus 35 Film Camera

Don't forget to take lots of photos! Someday you'll treasure those candid photos of Dad clowning atop Mount Vesuvius. From VintageEtc, $80.

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Vintage Red Trip Diary

Trip diaries are a great way to keep travel memories and musings fresh. Make sure to write down which diners you hit during your cross country journey! From frictiondesign, $9.

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Jetsetter Vintage Duffle Bag

This quirky bag is the next best thing to a suitcase covered in travel stickers. From lelelove, $15.

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Exciting. Different. Yours. Explorer's Sun Watch Vintage 1950's

Deep in the woods with nary a watch in sight? Use this handy sun dial/compass combo to tell the time and guide yourself back to civilization (or not...!). From chaoticwhimsey, $29.50.

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Great Smoky Mountain Souvenir Plate. Vintage Tourist China

Don't forget to bring back some kitschy souvenirs! You'll want to remember this trip! From domestikate, $14.

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