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May 19, 2009


Today's newsletter was written by Etsy Seller, tinahdee. Tinah runs a successful shop, thanks to her gorgeous designs and promoting skills. She also has a well-crafted profile. Read on for her tips!



Selling on Etsy doesn't just happen, but the realization that promotion is an integral part of running a shop can seem like an unwelcome surprise. Don't be discouraged – promotion can be as natural as breathing if you have the right perspective. Here are some tips gleaned from my own experience and the sage advice of fellow Etsy sellers on how to live the promotions lifestyle.


It's Not About Selling

.If that sounds counterintuitive, that's because it is. After all, you're not giving away all those lovely items in your shop. But letting go of the idea that the measure of successful promoting is immediate sales is probably one of the biggest factors in ultimate success. Promoting isn't about sales as much as it is about sharing what you're doing with your friends, neighbors, and the world. Knowing this can help you relax when you're telling others about your shop – which helps them relax too. Daniellexo wrote about making what I call a "promo routine" in this excellent Storque post, Pimp My Shop.






Let Awareness Grow Naturally

.The more you share excitement about your art, the more people know about your shop. They'll think about your shop when it is time to make a treasury, blog about their favorites, buy gifts, or maybe even reward themselves for a job well done. But awareness grows organically. You can't always predict how that will lead to sales, but you can believe that it will lead to sales eventually. Etsy seller,scarlettcat, said it best in her post "Newbies. Here's why you're not selling yet", from the Forums.

Also have a look at Etsy's Guide to Blogging, for more tips on blogging about your work.






Tweet It From the Treetops

.This idea of sharing your life extends to social networks like Twitter, which isn't really like other networks, as uniqueartpendants points out in this interesting forum thread. Don't be ashamed to tweet it a cool new creation. After all, your followers want to hear what's going on in your life. But just as you wouldn't call your neighbor just to tell them you finished brushing your teeth, and then call them again 30 minutes later to tell them you just got your shoes tied, try not to blast your followers with updates about renewing items about to expire. Instead, make your Tweets interesting – share the challenge you overcame to get your latest item finished, or post a link to a useful, informative, or funny video you enjoyed.
For more Twitter tips check out Tweeting for Dollars from Etsy's Blog.






Promoting in "Real Life"

.Because Etsy is online, it is easy sometimes to neglect the "real world" opportunities. If you stick with the promo lifestyle theme, and remember that it is not about selling, it's easy to see that promoting yourself can be just another part of your day. Your art is your work, and people talk about their work all the time, to whoever is listening – and keep a stash of business cards in your pocket, you never know who you're going to bump into.

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Gauging the Success of Your Promo Lifestyle

.How do you know when promoting is successful? This is something you have to decide for yourself – but remember that a promotion effort doesn't have to lead directly to a sale in order to qualify as a success. If you run an ad on Facebook and get a rush of traffic but no sales, you've increased awareness of your shop and awareness is what ultimately leads to sales. Any time you tell someone or show someone what you're doing, the awareness meter goes up. If you're creating the best product possible, taking great pictures, and pricing your merchandise where you think it needs to be, the promotion that raised awareness today will lead to increased sales in the future.

JJMFinance wrote a helpful article last year about analyzing your item views, check it out!










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